• Prioritising Procurement

    Any new procurement programme will require a great deal of planning and preparation. Alex Hawkes finds out about the MoD's new procurement change programme from Colonel John Whitby, assistant director...

  • US Army Finds Alternative Energy

    New technologies are allowing the military to become more fuel efficient. Anthony Beachey analyses the impact among the ground forces of the US Army.

  • Shoot First, Improve Combat ID Later?

    If any operational military problem requires a top-down solution it's fratricide, otherwise known as 'friendly fire'. Unfortunately, combat identification (CID) solutions are usually pursued from the bottom up, in piecemeal...

  • Eurosatory – Where Technology is on Display

    Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh finds out what technologies will be on display at Eurosatory. One of the world's largest defence events, Eurosatory is being held in Paris from 16 to 20 June.

  • Testing the Water

    For combat forces, military watercraft provide the critical link between sea and shore. From landing craft to amphibious vehicles, the effective offshore arrival of combat power is essential to delivering...


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