• Beyond the Pain Barrier

    Developments in nanotechnology are offering hope to injured troops on the battlefield, far from an acute care facility. Claudia M Caruana looks at how US defence research is pushing further...

  • Tough Talking

    Modern warfare requires more technology in the field than ever – and it needs to be mobile as well as rugged. Fleur Doidge reports.

  • A Tale of Two Air Forces

    Indian defence is evolving, as can be seen by its selection of the Dhruv and Eurocopter Fennec helicopters. Richard B Gasparre investigates the blurred lines of defence to get a...

  • Friendlier Fire

    Mistakes will always be made but the way coalition forces work together could dramatically reduce friendly fire. Will Roberts looks at how forces can coordinate technologies and processes to achieve...

  • DVD – Driving Innovation

    Iain Scott visits the UK's DVD event and finds technology is driving the tank industry to places never seen before.

  • The Great GiG in the Sky

    Network-centric warfare isn't a new concept, however, it is becoming increasingly real. As David Braue explains, information systems are finally catching up with the ambition to fundamentally restructure military operation.


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