• Safe Passage: Managing Military Resources

    Planning and executing the movement and maintenance of military forces requires massive management resources. How can commanding officers use their resources to best respond? Andy Oppenheimer investigates.

  • Heavy Traffic: Protected Vehicle Design

    Andrew Simpson looks at past, present and future protected vehicle designs for Nato forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He discovers that efforts to improve lightness and manoeuvrability without compromising safety...

  • Piloting the Joint Strike Fighter

    Testing of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (joint strike fighter) is well underway. Ian McInnes catches up with Graham "GT" Tomlinson, BAE Systems' lead test pilot for the STOVL...

  • Insurgency: The Oman Experience

    Western forces are struggling to contain insurgent activity in Afghanistan. David Benest asks what lessons can be learned from the UK's experience in Oman, a forgotten insurgency that ended in...

  • Simulating Robot Bomb Disposal

    In April, the Bundeswehr introduced brand new explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot simulators. Developed by military experts and the German company Szenaris GmbH, the simulators will significantly change the initial...

  • Going to War Against the IED

    They may be cheap, but IED attacks are packing a punch in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gareth Evans investigates how this is driving innovation in detection at a rate never seen...

  • South Korea’s Push for the UAV

    The Republic of Korea (ROK) Government has been pushing itself into the UAV arena for some time. Gordon Feller documents Korea's projects and the companies that are helping make them...

  • Virtual Revolution in Military Training

    Global armed services are increasingly seeking the benefits of virtual over conventional training. We talk to defence contractor IP Video Systems about the present and future of virtual training systems.


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