• The Eyes Have It

    SMI border security conference speaker, Babak Goudarzi Pour, tells Paul French why business is booming in biometrics.

  • War Machines of Afghanistan

    Robots have been at the forefront a revolution since the conflict in Afghanistan began in 2001. Paul French examines how technology has changed the face of modern warfare in the...

  • COA Wargaming is No Black Art

    Understanding techniques of COA wargaming is vital to developing sound decision-making skills and military judgement. Natalie Coomber investigates the benefits that simulation technology can bring.

  • Antibodies for Biological Warfare

    Although they receive worldwide condemnation, militaries still fear the use of biological weapons by rogue nations. Mike Pearn looks at why developing antibodies is a constant priority.

  • Military Forces Move into Power

    Heavy and unreliable power sources could be a thing of the past as armies fund research into fuel cell technology. Al Elliott investigates.

  • University Challenge: Part II

    Alex Hawkes investigates the UK Ministry of Defence's university sponsorship scheme for technical officers. The second feature exploring military innovation in the university sector focuses on the scheme at the...


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