• Friendlier Fire

    Mistakes will always be made but the way coalition forces work together could dramatically reduce friendly fire. Will Roberts looks at how forces can coordinate technologies and processes to achieve...

  • DVD – Driving Innovation

    Iain Scott visits the UK's DVD event and finds technology is driving the tank industry to places never seen before.

  • The Great GiG in the Sky

    Network-centric warfare isn't a new concept, however, it is becoming increasingly real. As David Braue explains, information systems are finally catching up with the ambition to fundamentally restructure military operation.

  • Galileo – A Quantitative Debate

    From big news to forgotten news and back again, Galileo has chartered difficult territory before it has even taken off. Linda Wain takes a look at the battles, and prospects,...

  • Fighters of the Future

    Soldiers are increasingly being sent into the battlefield wearing combat technologies once only dreamed of. Huw Kidwell takes a look at this growing area of army technology which is gaining...

  • Behind Pretend Enemy Lines

    Advancements in virtual simulation are taking fun and games from the living room to the military battlefield. David Braue reports on how this technology, once left for the living room,...


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