• Global Defence Technology: Issue 88

    In this issue: Nordic countries arm to defend the Baltic region, inside the US Air Force’s light attack aircraft experiment, France's pushes AI investment for future weapon systems, and more

  • The problem with GPS in the modern military

    In the years after the Gulf War many, and especially the American military, became increasingly dependent on the GPS constellation to provide positioning, navigation and timing for everything from warships,...

  • May’s top news stories

    The US Army awarded an $828m contract for GMLRS rocket Lot 13 production, Australia’s 2018-19 announced its budget to provide $36.4bn for defence, and BAE revealed plans to develop new...

  • Global arms: mapping global military expenditure

    Global military expenditure is at its highest level since the Cold War according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. So which countries are the big players in the international...

  • Global Defence Technology: Issue 87

    In this issue: DARPA’s prototype unmanned submarine hunter, the Northrop Grumman/ATK deal, Hewlett Packard’s new supercomputers for the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and more