The world's biggest military bases
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The world’s biggest military bases

03 Jun 2019 (Last Updated December 10th, 2019 16:13)

All five of the world's biggest military bases belong to the US, with Fort Bragg housing a staggering 45,926 active duty soldiers. lists the largest army bases in the world, ranked by population.

The world’s biggest military bases

Fort Bragg is the largest US Army base

Fort Bragg (population: 270,811, area: 163,000 acres)

Fort Bragg is the largest US Army base in terms of population. Located west of Fayetteville in North Carolina, the base is home to the 82nd Airborne.

Fort Bragg serves 545,926 active duty soldiers, 13,493 reserve components and temporary duty students, 14,036 civilian employees, 6,054 contractors and 69,808 active duty family members. It is also home to 121,494 army retirees and family members.

The tactics proved in World War II were developed at Pope Field of Fort Bragg. Known as the ‘Home of the Airborne and Special Operation Force’, Fort Bragg also houses the XVIII Airborne Corps and the 82nd Airborne Division, the US Army Special Operations Command and the US Army Parachute Team (the Golden Knights).

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Several other units, such as the Corps Support Command, 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, 16th Military Police Brigade, 20th Engineer Brigade, 108th ADA Brigade, 44th Medical Command and 18th Fires Brigade are also stationed at Fort Bragg.

Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell (population: 237,497, area: 105,000 acres)

Fort Campbell is located between Hopkinsville and Clarksville, on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. The military base was set up in 1942 and first activated during World War II. Fort Campbell accommodates the fifth largest active duty member population in the army and the seventh largest in the Department of Defence.

The base is home to the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault, the only Air Assault Division of the US Army.

The six major tenants units at Fort Campbell include 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), US Army Medical Activity, TN Valley District Corps of Engineer, Veterinary Command and US Army Dental Activity.

The total base population includes 26,615 military, 39,649 family members and 171,233 personnel, including contract employees, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, retired army personnel, retiree family members and reserve component.

Fort Hood was established to house tank destroyers

Fort Hood Military Base (population: 227,000, area: 214,968 acres)

Located 60 miles north of Austin and 50 miles south of Waco, Fort Hood is spread across 214,968 acres of land in Bell and Coryell Counties. Fort Hood is the largest active duty armoured post in the United States and is the only post in the country that can support two full armoured divisions.

The base population of 227,000 includes more than 35,000 active duty members, approximately 68,000 family members, over 103,000 retirees, as well as 40,000 personnel, including army reserve, contractors and civilian/NAF/other employees.

Fort Hood was established to house tank destroyers and mobile anti-tank guns during World War II. The base now acts as a mobilisation station for Army Reserve and National Guard units and as a strategic power projection platform.

The installation serves a wide variety of tenant organisations and ensures the highest quality of life support for a diverse community of more than 200,000 troops, family members and retirees.

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Fort Lewis (Joint Base Lewis - McChord)

Joint Base Lewis – McChord (JBLM) (population: 175,000, area: 414,000 acres)

Fort Lewis (Joint Base Lewis – McChord) is situated in the Pacific Northwest on the Puget Sound, in the state of Washington. It began operations a Joint Base in January 2010 as a result of the consolidation of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force bases.

The base population of 175,000 includes 40,000 active duty, National Guard and reserve members, 15,000 civilian employees and 120,000 personnel that includes family members, contractors, retirees and others. The base serves as a training and mobilisation centre for all military services.

The strategic location of the JBLM allows the air force units to conduct combat and humanitarian airlift to any location in the world with the C-17A Globemaster III, the most advanced cargo transport aircraft in the force.

Fort Benning

Fort Benning (population: 105,887, area: 182,000 acres)

Fort Benning occupies an area commonly known as the Tri-Community, in Columbus; Fort Benning, Georgia; and Phenix City, Alabama. The base was established in 1918. It is spread across an area of 182,000 acres. Known as Manoeuvre Centre of Excellence, Fort Benning is the home of the Armour and Infantry.

The Fort Benning’s total population of 105,887 includes 22,778 active duty members, 54,108 family members, 13,296 retired personnel, and 15,695 DoD/AAFES/other employees.

Fort Benning initially provided basic training for World War I units. The base was home to 4,000 officers and 95,000 enlisted people during World War II.

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