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ECS – Your Competence Partner for Vehicle Engineering Worldwide

Our competitive edge in the global automotive industry is innovation. As one of the most diversified automotive suppliers in the world, we have the experience and the commitment to push the boundaries of technology. Creating innovative products at a realistic price, while considering vehicle and ownership costs, is our main goal.

We have numerous R&D and engineering centers around the world to develop market-specific world-class products, ultimately positioning us at the forefront of the automotive industry. Our excellence is to identify consumer preferences and predict emerging trends. By developing innovative solutions, we provide market advantages for our customers.

Our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing experts continually focus on concurrent product and process development. This ensures that innovations are applied cost effectively to the end product. During the design phase of the product cycle, we have the ability to support, as well as lead the program management, product design and computer-aided engineering as required by the market.

Our spectrum ranges from developing advanced modular systems to innovative concepts for the entire drive train and commercial vehicles, including innovative engineering software solutions.

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