VITAVIC 400 Tactical Vehicle Intercom System

A truly software-defined (SD) system, VITAVIC 400 is a fully digital, military specification intercom designed with the end user in mind.

Suitable for vehicles with up to 21 crew members and six combat net radios, VITAVIC 400 is modular and requires only a single central communication unit (CCU) for two crew and two combat net radios.

Control and customisation of VITAVIC functionality is possible at operator level in the field. The system has been designed to
integrate into the field seamlessly, ensuring compatibility with the large majority of current and future headsets and radios.

These may be in any configuration and it is the optimum operational choice to be deployed where several different types of combat net radios or tactical headsets are already in service.

Please download this free white paper for more information.

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