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Searchman Survivor Locator System

The Searchman Survivor Locator System is designed to assist with search and rescue activities during disaster relief operations.

The system rapidly detects the presence of cellular phones, which are likely to indicate the location of possible survivors under rubble, as cellular phones are commonly found on most people.

The detected location information is used to direct the rescue team to close in on the possible locations of survivors, therefore reducing the search area, improving response time and increasing the possibility of saving more lives.

The Searchman is compact and can be man-packed in a haversack, or mounted on a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is self-powered and last for 4 hours in operation. It is easily deployed around a small disaster area to quickly locate the possible survivors using the Searchman Controller, and optimised to detect possible survivors within a disaster area of 400m by 400m.

For larger disaster areas, a small UAV in the form of a drone is used to deploy the Searchman at a higher altitude around the disaster area, to rapidly map out the area for possible survivors. The unmanned Searchman drone rapidly sends cellular and GPS information to the UAV Mission Controller in order to aid rescue planning. It can be deployed up to 1km line-of-sight (LOS) through 2.4GHz frequency, for the control of the drone and 5.8Ghz frequency for the Controller.

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