Intruder Detection Ground Sensor (IDGS) - Army Technology
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Intruder Detection Ground Sensor (IDGS)

The Intruder Detection Ground Sensor (IDGS) is a seismic sensor deployed in the ground with a built-in wireless meshed sensor network (SensNet-LP).

It has an effective sensing range of up to 50m and a wireless transmission range of up to 200m. The sensor detection range is dependent on ground terrains. Intrusion events are reported to the remote monitoring base station either through the long range meshed sensor network (SensNet-HP) or 3G cellular network.

A basic IDGS system configuration consists of up to ten seismic sensors working in a cluster, a gateway, a base station and/or a handheld monitoring unit. The wireless transmission range of the gateway is up to 3km under line-of-sight condition.

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