Containerised Solutions for Ground Fuel Handling

Among AMA Spa's various containerised solutions, the CSDS and MSA systems are two of the most successful products. The general concept is to deliver, deploy and put into service a complete system that permits to store and dispense fuel in a short time frame. While the construction technology is well defined and proven, the system general arrangement can vary according to the customer's requirements. Tank compartments, type of fuels, dispenser positions, electronic fuel level monitoring systems, fuel management systems and power supply sources are some of the various options that can be integrated within the units. The containerised system offers the advantage to be handled and transported as a conventional box container, which reduces the freight cost. Moreover, once at destination, it can be installed and put into service with a minimum ground preparation and a very limited start up time. The CSDS and MSA are designed to allow total closure of each door / porthole, offering full weather protection and preventing unauthorised access. Please download this free white paper for more information.

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