High-Pressure Inflatable Tents - Army Technology
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High-Pressure Inflatable Tents

The NorLense SWIFT Tents is a rapid and modular system designed to meet the though demands of high mobility and comfort in all type of climates. Developed in close cooperation with military and emergency organisation and is in daily use in numerous of operations worldwide. The SWIFT Tents are a complete One-Piece solution with no loose parts, integrated floor and complete High-Pressure Inflatable Air Beam Structure - working pressure 6-8 bar. All SWIFT Tents is delivered as a standard with integrated floor, 3-layer windows, attachment/hanging points for lighting and cable distribution, connections for HVAC Systems. High-Pressure inflatable structure contributes to rapid and easy set-up/take down for the users in the field and decreasing the risk of perations errors with missing or broken parts.

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