Winmate Introduces New Technologies Specifically Military Operations

Technology is an essential component to today's military. That technology, however, must be rapid, reliable and durable, particularly during complex or rigorous operations where stakes are high and precision is crucial.

Digital images viewed on one display station should look the same when viewed on another station. This has proved to be difficult with inconsistent low-level calibrated HD monitors. Adding to the difficulties are the broad categories of high-resolution images used in military practices, radar or landscape images, motion video or still video images used in military operation.

Surveillance and radar images have different performance, colour calibration and details clarity requirements.

Unfortunately, most HD monitors in the market don't provide the highest clarity and colour accuracy desired. The latest 4K military monitors from Winmate are solving this problem with high-quality imaging and state-of-the-art technology. This facilitates an ideal situation for military professionals and mission critical applications.

Knowing that their equipment is of the highest clarity and colour accuracy allows them to focus on providing users with better information and manage other resources to optimise their operations, allowing them to reduce costs and liability.

With the number of military display options available, knowing which will best suit your needs can be a challenge. The Winmate line of 4K monitors are implementing the latest in technology and making the decision easy.

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