Almamet Company Brochure - Army Technology
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Almamet Company Brochure

Founded in 1983, Almamet installed its first state-of-the-art production facility in Turkey, producing magnesium powders and granules
for the pyrotechnic and chemical industries.

Since then, and with further installations and technology advances, Almamet now produces powders and granules that meet the exacting demands of the Western Pyrotechnic and Defence companies, supplying high-quality products that conform to the military
specifications: MIL-M382C: MIL-P 14067B(MU) and DEF STAN 13/130 issue 1.

In 2005, Almamet formed a strategic alliance with Tangshan Weihao Magnesium Powder Company, to promote and sell its range of high-quality, atomised magnesium and amorphous boron powders, which has been warmly received in the defence sector that requires this type of high-quality product.

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