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Ballistic Test Equipment

Through top-tier manufacturing partners Hephaestus is able to supply to order ballistic test barrels in any calibre up to 14.5mm. Manufactured from the highest-grade materials with cut rifling, Hephaestus barrels provide market-leading performance, durability and longevity. Barrels can be provided to customers external profile specifications, custom rifling profiles and smoothbore barrels are also available on request. Pressure ports can be drilled to customers requirements and barrels supplied with or without pressure measurement sensors (Kistler or HPI). To compliment this range of barrels Hephaestus can also supply the Hep-B universal receiver system. With its unique quick change and self-centring barrel system the Hep-B automatically accommodates differences in headspacing, whilst at the same time the rear of the cartridge case fully providing enhanced levels of safety in the event of a case or primer failure. Hephaestus accept commissions for bespoke launchers and impact testers for applications such as ice and debris impact up to heavy item (i.e. wheel assembly) launch, as well as low-velocity gas launchers for body armour fragment testing. For more information, please download this free white paper.

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