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Allplast Company Profile and Product Portfolio

Allplast is a specialist in various areas of bullet-proof production and plastic processing.

Production of bullet-proof laminates:

  • Bullet-proof laminates (non-bended) for amour vehicles, war ships etc
  • Burglary protection / impact resistant laminates (buildings)
  • Standards against EN 1063 and STANG 4569 levels, TNO approved

Production of products for personal protection and composites products:

  • Bullet-proof visors
  • Bullet-proof shields
  • Durable composite materials (defence and non-safety / industrial applications)

Plastic processing:

  • Specialist in two component adhesion

Core values:

  • Innovative and creative organisation
  • Distinctive (production / lead times, R&D process)
  • Short lines of communication

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