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Abnormal Threat Services

Hephaestus Consulting specialises in providing test and evaluation services for not only established standards but also novel, improvised or otherwise unusual threats / environments.

Regardless of threat, requirement, task or standard Hephaestus has the ability and knowledge to provide launch services, equipment and scientific testing. Primarily, we use a combination of gas and powder cannons and a variety of sledding facilities provided by our third party partners to achieve an accurate and, repeatable test in a quantifiable and scientific manner.

Examples of our previous work have included launching bricks, rubble and paving slabs at armoured vehicles, dropping 80kg of paving slabs on component assemblies and even the effects on vehicle mounted equipment from an armoured vehicle driving through thick, mature vegetation at speed.

In addition to scientific testing to support the armour community, Hephaestus also supplies services to TV and media companies.

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