RIVYERA Next Generation Reconfigurable Computer

RIVYERA, developed as a direct successor to COPACOBANA, consists of a 16-slot backplane equipped with 16 FPGA-cards. Each of the FPGA-cards carries up to eight high-performance FPGAs interconnected by a high-throughput bus system. Using 128 Spartan–6 LX150 FPGAs in its standard configuration, RIVYERA S6-LX150 takes application-specific computing to a new level and provides high-density supercomputing resources to a wide audience. Providing local RAM, RIVYERA offers sufficient memory for all types of computation and data. Each RIVYERA has an integrated off–the–shelf eATX-based high-performance PC that can be used for heterogeneous computing and acts as an interface to the rest of the network. The PC and the FPGA supercomputer can be internally connected through up to four PCI-Express-based interface cards.

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