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Smart Mobile Water Bottling Plants

ContenO is a designer and manufacturer of smart mobile plants built in ISO containers for the packaging and processing of liquids and semi liquids.

Industrieweg 8,
B-2630 Aartselaar- Antwerp Other,

Industrieweg 8,
B-2630 Aartselaar- Antwerp Other,

ContenO is a designer and manufacturer of smart mobile plants built in ISO containers for the packaging and processing of liquids and semi liquids.

ContenO units are smart, self-sufficient mobile water bottling plants built inside standard 20ft or 40ft containers. They perfectly match the need for quality potable water for armed forces, or peacekeeping and humanitarian aid organisations in disaster relief environments.

Mobile water bottling plants

ContenO mobile water bottling plants supply between 36,000l and 120,000l of potable water per day in bottles or pouches for use in all military situations. Professional automation, durable construction and UV treatment guarantee 100% conformity with IBWA and FDA regulations. The ContenO solutions reduce operating, personnel and transportation costs, apply best practice logistics with simple and direct supply lines, and are less vulnerable to hostile activities.

Fully automated mobile water packaging plants

ContenO benefits from decades of experience as it is a spin-off from Fill-Pack, a well known supplier of complete filling and packaging lines for liquid and semi liquids to the beverage industry. Recently ContenO received a multi-million euro order from the armed forces of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Six self-sufficient and fully automated mobile water packaging plants will produce on-site 55,000 bottles or 472,000l of potable water daily, in a 20hr/day shift 365 days/year.

The ContenO units will be installed in army bases to supplement or replace expensive daily supplies of purchased water bottles. They will also be used whenever military teams are deployed in mobile camps (such as for training purposes).

Quality potable water supplied by mobile water bottling plant

The bottling plant is designed to allow the user to bottle water according to strict IWBA and FDA regulations. The US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM) tested both the operational and water quality, and the ContenO mobile water bottling plant passed the tests with flying colours.

ContenO’s mobile bottling plant features specific UV-treatment of water, bottles, caps and tear-off pouches, as well as full automation of transport, filling and sealing to eliminate contamination risks (no human contact).

The mobile water bottling plant features professional construction. Filling and capping takes place in a sterile positive air pressurised cabinet, while the insulated and dust-free container inner side with resin hardcore walls enables ease of cleaning. It has a durable and easy to maintain stainless-steel construction.

Container-based local water purification systems

For any of its local water packaging solutions, ContenO can link up similar container-based local water purification systems (ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, or water extraction out of air humidity / heat).

Best practice logistics for mobile water bottling plants

Features of the ContenO mobile water bottling plant:

  • Local production and distribution vs. long distance transportation and distribution
  • Safe and simple logistics approach with short and direct supply lines that are less vulnerable to hostile activity
  • Packed in standard 20ft or 40ft ISO containers, the mini factories are self-sufficient with onboard alternator, engine and compressor from famous brands, guaranteeing support worldwide
  • Highly mobile, operational in less than one hour and requiring one operator only
  • End-to-end production automation (loading preforms, stretch mould bottle blowing, filling, capping, labelling)
  • Strongly improved logistics operation in terms of personnel, fuel, trucks, transportation and overall costs (one truck with preforms equals 20 trucks of bottled water, thus freeing up considerable capital, storage, truck and ship space for other cargo)
  • Reduced ecological footprint – PET preforms are easy to transport, reused, shred and recycled locally (100% recyclable)
  • Flexibility in packaging choices – a wide range of forms and shapes (pouches for camelback applications, sectioned pouches, and PET bottles)
  • Extensive options list (open bag inflatable reservoirs, sealed bags for purified water storage, tents, submersible pumps, water hoses, accumulation tables, shredders, wrappers, strappers, consumables, and label and toner materials)

For further information please contact ContenO directly.

ContenO to Attend IDEX 2011

It is a great pleasure to announce that ContenO will be present during the tenth edition of the IDEX exhibition, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), United Arab Emirates. We are happy to welcome you at stand #12-C23, on 20-24 February 2011. ContenO will introd

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Industrieweg 8

B-2630 Aartselaar- Antwerp