Nurol Makina is a manufacturer of tactical wheeled armoured vehicles (TWAV) and special-purpose platforms for both Turkish and international users and provides innovative vehicle designs for defence applications.

Armoured combat vehicles for advanced protection

EJDER YALCIN is an armoured combat vehicle (ACV) that offers superior features such as high-performance ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) protection, which are similiar to a mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle. Together with a very high payload-carrying capacity, these protection features, together with a very high payload-carrying capacity, enable warfighters to intervene with enemies with distinct operational mobility and firepower advantages, as well as high confidence, even at combat zones.

EJDER YALCIN has advanced operational mobility levels due to its powerful engine, fully independent suspension, high ground clearance, and the optimal tyre distance between its stabiliser bar and axle. These features enable the vehicle to perform well under a broad range of conditions, from deserts to mountainous terrain.

In its standard configuration, EJDER YALCIN provides the highest level of fighting capabilities. For example, the 4t payload-carrying capacity enables the vehicle to satisfy many high-calibre weapon integration requirements and many weapon systems have already been qualified with the vehicle. As a result, it offers easy solutions needed for different missions without requiring new design or qualification, at low cost and minimum schedules.

Nurol Makina is a producer of high-quality design, development, production, integration and test requirement solutions.
Nurol Makina manufactures tactical wheeled armoured vehicles (TWAV) and special-purpose platforms for the defence market.
The EJDER YALCIN armoured combat vehicle provides advanced 360° ballistic protection and the highest level of mine and improvised explosive device (IED) protection in its field.
EJDER YALCIN's advanced operational mobility enables high performance in a wide range of environments.
The TOMA riot control vehicle is designed and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to fulfil primary mobility requirements of security forces.
EJDER TOMA also meets security requirements with efficient riot intervention.
The ILGAZ II 4x4 security vehicle has been designed for military units, security forces and rapid response teams.
The NMS 4x4 offers scalable protection against ballistics, mines and IEDs.
NMS 4x4's modular design enables a wide range of operations such as air defence, equipment and troop transportation, light fire support and combat operations.

Armoured EJDER YALCIN configurations beyond ACVs include explosive ordnance vehicle, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, command and control, border surveillance, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN), personnel carrier and jammer vehicle.

Riot control vehicles for security forces

TOMA (Riot Control Vehicle in Turkish) was developed by Nurol Makina in Turkey in 2002. TOMA vehicles are built by converting commercial chassis vehicles into armoured water cannon vehicles. They are designed and equipped with new technologies in order to meet the primary mobility requirement of security forces.

The EJDER TOMA variant is different to TOMA vehicles as it features a military chassis designed and manufactured entirely by Nurol Makina. With high off-road capabilities, EJDER TOMA vehicles are being used effectively both in rural and urban areas.

With a high 4×4 mobility capability and a fully independent suspension system, EJDER TOMA enables quick and effective riot intervention. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for personnel with a monocoque cockpit and multifunctional driver panel.

Low-maintenance security vehicles

ILGAZ II 4×4, the second version of the ILGAZ vehicle, was previously designed for use by security forces. It has been developed by Nurol Makina for maintaining public order for both military units and security forces, assisting rapid response teams, and preventing conflicts such as illegal protests and public demonstrations from escalating.

The modular ILGAZ II 4×4 meets the operational requirement of security forces in rural and urban areas. It offers easy care and low maintenance and can be used as an armoured ambulance or for personnel transport, anti-terror, reconnaissance, command-control and domestic security vehicle applications.

Ballistic, mine and IED protection

NMS 4×4 takes the performance levels of lightweight armoured vehicles to even higher levels. It provides scalable ballistic protection where protection levels of STANAG 4569 from Level 1 to 4 can be obtained.

Furthermore, it offers superior mine and IED protection as can be expected from a vehicle of this segment. NMS 4×4 is a highly useful solution for the current hybrid warfare sector. It can carry a substantial payload for a vehicle of its size, which has made it the vehicle of choice for modern armies and security forces. The modular design of NMS 4×4 enables the users to cover a wide range of special operations such as combat operations, transportation of troops and equipment, air defence, reconnaissance and light fire support.

Thanks to its higher speed and superior protection features compared to other vehicles in the field, the NMS 4×4 is also suitable as an escort in VIP convoys.

About Nurol Makina

Located in Ankara, Turkey, Nurol Makina produces advanced design, development, production, integration and test requirement solutions.

The company has been delivering turnkey industrial plants and performs large-scale contracting in terms of machinery production and steel construction since 1976.