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MWB Fahrzeugtechnik

Low Cost Armoured Transport Vehicles

Im Steinviertel 45,
D-27607 Langen,

MWB Fahrzeugtechnik has performed technical services for the German army for more than 30 years. Expertise in maintaining military vehicles combined with exhaustive experience in outfitting VIP vehicles with armour has been the key success factor to design and build the low cost PTV Armadillo 4×4 – protected transport vehicle armoured and improved light lorry 4×4.

Bullet, blast and mine-resistant armoured transport vehicle

PTV Armadillo 4×4 is a low cost armoured transport vehicle offering a high level of protection against bullet, fragment, blast and mine threats, excellent off-road capability, attractive weight-payload-ratio. The vehicle being designed as transport vehicle avoids martial design elements.

Multi-role armoured transport vehicle

The PTV Armadillo 4×4 is available in different configurations such like ambulance, tactical and logistical vehicle.

  • The platform is available with spall-liners on the bottom and the platform gates to protect the payload
  • The ambulance cabin that also can be used as workshop or command post will be protected if needed, due to the large surfaces at the price of a significant weight increase but within the limits

Technical data (preliminary data as of July 2011):

  • Length: 5,540mm
  • Width: 2,300mm
  • Height: 2,950mm
  • Empty weight: 5,900kg
  • Gross weight: 7,500kg
  • Payload: 1,500kg
  • Ballistic protection: according to Stanag 4569
  • Mine and blast protection: ballistic test and mine test passed successfully
  • Vehicle technology: proven Unimog 1300L performance and reliability
  • Engine: 130HP (96kW) reliable diesel engine w/o electronic features
  • Max speed: 80km/h
  • Drive: 4WD – excellent off-road performance
  • Cabin features: decoupled seats/footrest, air conditioning, intercom inside/outside and electrical mirrors
  • Options: platform or van body (e.g. ambulance or command stand)

Optional features:

  • Runflat wheels
  • Leakproof/explosionproof fuel tank
  • Rear view camera
  • Self recovery winch
  • Hatch
  • Modification of the van body into workshop, ambulance or command post
  • Fragment protection for platform version

Used armoured transport vehicles

Selecting a used vehicle saves a lot of money. As MRO-experts, we are used to performing overhaul on vehicles and making sure that the vehicle receives another life. After having performed the overhaul services the vehicle can be used another ten or more years. Due to the number of Unimog vehicles sold worldwide there will be no obsolescence issue for many years.

Using old fashioned non-electronic diesel engines is another advantage: the engine remains very reliable and can be maintained in the field with simple tools by almost any mechanic.

Lightweight, low cost vehicle armouring

Vehicle protection is achieved by a combination of low-cost armoured steel and low weight fibre /ceramic composite material, developed by Finnish FY-Composites, our experienced project partner. The respective material is used where it offers the maximum benefit in regard to performance, weight and cost. Some minor modifications are made to chassis to improve effective mine resistance, vehicle stability and driving comfort with armouring.

Last but not least the concentration on basic and passive protection leads to low cost, too. The air condition does not offer NBC-protection, there is no turret and no other cost-driving equipment installed. PTV Armadillo 4×4 – no frills, just the basic protection to save the life and health of the persons on board.

MWB Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

Im Steinviertel 45

D-27607 Langen