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Mobile Telescopic Mast and Tower Vehicles, Shelters and Container Systems

GEMCO specialises in the development, engineering and manufacturing of mobile telescopic tower vehicles and shelters and container systems for the defence industry.

Science Park Eindhoven 5053,
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GEMCO specialises in the development, engineering and manufacturing of mobile telescopic tower vehicles and shelters and container systems for the defence industry.

The company’s custom-built vehicles and support systems are deployed worldwide by both governmental and non-governmental organisations and military departments.

GEMCO’s specialist expertise and ability to continuously produce innovations have been acquired through many years of experience in design and production.

Vehicles, shelters and container systems for military applications

GEMCO has become an expert in developing products to meet purpose-specific requirements, and combinations, for distinct or cross-functional operations. 

  • Critical and tactical communication and security network support vehicles and trailers
  • Telescopic lattice masts and towers up to 45m
  • Heavy-duty container systems for explosives ordnance disposal service (EOD), including CBRN
  • HAZMAT special container systems to support disaster relief and/or urgent decontamination and cleaning actions
  • Mobile workshops for peacekeeping or rescue missions

For all vehicles, shelters and systems, the emphasis is on preparedness, readiness, functionality and reliability. Our products are quick and easy to deploy and are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding environmental requirements.

Communication support vehicles with telescopic lattice masts and towers

GEMCO mast vehicles, trailers and containers are often deployed to support mission critical and/or tactical C4ISTAR/C4ISR networks for military communication, surveillance, detection, border patrol or air defence.

Our communication network trucks, trailers, shelter and container systems are equipped with telescopic lattice masts and towers, as developed and built by our engineers and mechanics. They can be set up for an assigned purpose or for multidisciplinary use. We build un-guyed communication towers up to a height of 45m.

All GEMCO mast vehicles, trailers or container-systems are fully self-supporting and are specially designed for quick and easy deployment.

GEMCO communication and network support systems are also used as TETRA support system by emergency response communication networks and mobile network operators to serve as an extension of network capacity. This provides a temporary boost in network capacity or serves as a network facility during maintenance works.

Application areas:

  • Military
  • Airports
  • Extension network capacity
  • Mission-critical communication / tactical communication

Telescopic lattice masts and towers 

Already for more than 20 years the GEMCO STM telescopic lattice- mast and tower is successfully deployed in several parts of the world under environmental conditions that range from arctic to tropic.

The entire mast construction, of all our masts, including the attachments, has been developed by Gemco and is continuously improved by our engineers. The current mast construction is the 5th generation of masts and can withstand extreme wind forces/weather conditions and heavy top loads.

The anodised aluminium lattice construction can be produced in both guyed and un-guyed versions. The un-guyed tower can be produced up to a height of 45m.

The telescopic lattice masts and towers can be truck mounted, trailer mounted, or container mounted.

Industries served:

  • Military
  • Civil defence
  • Law enforcement / forensic
  • Mobile network operators

Heavy-duty container systems for defence industry operations

GEMCO has extensive experience in the development and production of container systems deployed for special intervention services in the field of national and international security, such as explosives ordnance disposal service (EOD), CBRNe response (decontamination units), anti-terror and disaster management, command and control, as well as emergency response and special missions including UN-field support.

Application areas:

  • Civil defence
  • Military
  • Emergency response
  • National security
  • Forensic investigation
  • Medical and field Support

Mobile workshops for field-mission

GEMCO develops and manufactures client-specific mobile workshops. The special vehicles can be delivered in medium and heavy variants, as well as with two, four or six wheel drive.

We have provided mobile workshops worldwide for projects ranging from UN field missions, peace-keeping and rescue missions, to support and maintenance projects for private and commercial organisations, such as for remote construction sites, temporary locations, and military support projects.

The mobile workshops are equipped with modern and lightweight but durable equipment and tools that allow repairs on all types of vehicles, communication equipment, and general purpose ancillary jobs.

GEMCO Mobile Safety

Science Park Eindhoven 5053

5692 EB Son