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Multirole All-Wheeled Tactical Vehicles

Le Point du Jour,
44600 Saint-Nazaire,

ACMAT designs and manufactures a wide range of light and medium 4WD and 6WD trucks and trailers. ACMAT’s 60 years of expertise are based on designing custom-made mobility solutions for endurance, survivability and robustness.

ACMAT’s range of vehicles (VLRA, BASTION HD and ALTV) offers a wide variety of configurations and numerous functions, including personnel, cargo or container carrier, ambulance or recovery, van, wrecker or tanker. More than 12,000 VLRA trucks and ALTV pickups brave the limits, performing military and security missions in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Tactical all-terrain vehicle

The world-famous VLRA (liaison, reconnaissance and support vehicle) is the tactical vehicle driving the French Army and more than 50 armed forces worldwide.

With its high ground clearance, full-time all-wheel drive system and cabin positioned behind the engine and the front axle, the off-roader ACMAT is designed for all tactical missions. With exceptional mobility performance, 1,200km cruising range or 150l water tank, the VLRA is the reference in the market. Its extreme specifications of robustness and low maintenance costs interest all countries with operations in harsh environments, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

The new VLRA is proven in the most extreme environments thanks to a drop-frame and all-welded rigid chassis, cold-stamped HEL steel, standardised components, modularity to support troops, weapons and fire support systems. The multi-role all-wheeled tactical vehicle integrates up-to-date technologies, including Euro 2 to Euro 5 emissions compliant diesel engines, ABS disconnectability and five-speed automatic gearboxes.

The new VLRA meets all tactical and operational requirements of armed forces and special forces:

  • Increased mobility: 180hp to 215hp, 1,400km without refueling, 180l drinking water, grade 65%, air transportable and parachutable.
  • Increased payload: 2.5t to 4.5t troop carrier, 12 to 19 people or shelter carrier, more protection: ballistic level 2 to level 4 NATO standard, anti-mine levels 2a and 2b, IED, close protection by smoke launchers

Infantry and reconnaissance mobility vehicle

The BASTION HD is a 4WD, high-mobility infantry and reconnaissance armoured vehicle based on the rugged chassis of the new VLRA, designed to provide a capable and reliable multirole platform. The BASTION HD is economically built with common parts of the VLRA, enabling easy maintenance and simplified logistics.

With its high-volume monocoque shell in high-hardness steel armour, the BASTION HD carries ten people in an internal volume of 8.5m³. The BASTION HD combines excellent off-road mobility and performance with high-level protection; ballistic and glass protection levels 2 and 3, and anti-mine protection levels 2a and 2b.

The armoured vehicle is multimission adaptable and is ideally suited for reconnaissance, forward command and control, patrol, security, escort, route clearance support, peacekeeping, urban and close quarters operations.

Light tactical off-road vehicle

The first military pickup produced in France and dedicated to tactical missions, available as a two-seater single cab or four-seater double cab, the ALTV is suitable for reconnaissance missions in all-terrain conditions.

The light tactical vehicle can be adapted for various roles and mission requirements, including personnel carrier, border control, reconnaissance, patrol and more. Air transportable and suitable for parachuting, this highly mobile off-roader combines a payload of up to 1.4t with the capability to provide ballistic and mine protection.

Already combat-proven since 2008, the ALTV is available in six versions: single cab, double cab, open cab series commando and command car, the armoured and anti-mine cab series Bastion, and the armoured post series Check Point.

Easy maintenance in harsh defence environments

The services ACMAT provide ensure simplified logistics for all spare parts. Maintenance of vehicles in operational conditions allows significant reduction in cost of ownership. From training to vehicle retrofit programs, ACMAT engineering support is a complete process that guarantees vehicles operate to their full capability around the world.

Our commitment to quality, illustrated by the certifications ISO 9001 – 14001 and AQAP 2110, meets all the NATO standards for design, development and production.

Polaris MRZR-D2 Off-Road Vehicle

MRZR-D2 is the latest twin-seat turbo-diesel version in the series of MRZR off-road vehicles offered by Polaris Government & Defense, a part of Polaris Industries.

Sherpa Light Special Forces Vehicle

The Sherpa Light Special Forces vehicle is a 4x4 all-terrain light attack vehicle (LTV) designed to serve the mission needs of the special forces units.