EDAK Rugged Transit Cases

EDAK, a leading supplier for 19″ housings and transit and storage containers Expertise in the processing of materials

EDAK produces and sells products made of aluminium and stainless steel, with high standards of quality and technology. The ongoing training and advancement of our staff, the continuous modernisation of the machinery and the high investment in engineering are the factors behind the first-rate market position of EDAK, ensuring our exceptional expertise as a partner. EDAK products are of great benefit to customers in solving specific problems, and they are processed to high standards, using only durable components and materials.

Rugged housing and cases

EDAK housing and cases are of the highest quality, having been developed for use under extreme conditions, and they are manufactured using high-grade aluminium. The MILEX family of support housing products protects 19″ electronic components from damp, dust, shock and vibrations as well as electromagnetic interference. They are Nato-tested and meet, in addition to all international MIL standards, the strict USA MIL specifications too.

The extremely light and robust STANEX storage and transportation cases are exceptionally resistant. When closed, they offer good protection against penetration by solids such as sand and dust or snow and ice. They can withstand tropical conditions and are termite-safe. Individually built special cases with hollow foam complete this category in the EDAK range.

Custom-made transit cases

EDAK’s unique expertise in the development of custom made solutions means MILEX transit cases are manufactured exactly to customer specifications and always delivered on time. The wide range of accessories, including cooling/heating systems, racks, drawers, trays and slides complete the MILEX program, the most comprehensive line available for the safe storage and transport of sensitive mobile electronics.

Storage solutions for extreme environments

Extreme on the outside – safe on the inside! Undesirable influences from various sources which occur during transport, storage or use can have a damaging effect on sensitive electronic components and therefore present considerable risks. These risks are eliminated by using MILEX cases. Protection against mechanical, climatic and electrical stress by direct or random high frequency interference and internally produced stress.

Temperature control

Our KOOLEX product line starts at the low end of complexity with fans and on the high end with active vapour cycle air conditioning. Depending on the heating or cooling requirements, availability and type of electrical power we will find the best system for any application.

Heat exchanger

The KOOLEX passive Cover Heat Exchanger operates with two forced air circulation loops that are not connected thereby allowing sealed operation.

Air conditioners for mobile command centers, tents and trailers

KOOLEX rugged Cover Air Conditioners for applications in mobile command centers, tents and trailers where AC power is available.

Our KOOLEX All-Region defies all climatic conditions. The temperature in the system can be maintained within a range suitable for your electronics, while offering protection from water and dust. Therefore, you can securely operate your system in nearly every climate zone in the world.

The operating range from -35°C to +55°C has been tasted and confirmed by German Arm Force Technical Centre for Engineering and General Field Equipment (WTD 51) in Koblenz.

The KOOLEX All-Region is available in 230V / 50Hz or 115V / 60Hz version.

Top-quality, corrosion-resistant cases

Whatever the assignment, EDAK offers an individualized solution for every application. We solve packaging challenges. We are confronted with packing challenges each and every day. This would not be possible without total flexibility and that means flexibility in every way whether it be unique dimensions, special technical requirements, custom fixtures or delivery times. A line of affordable standard sizes is available for immediate delivery.

We manufacture top quality cases using corrosion resistant materials in a handsome design. EDAK cases are built for high stability and provide protection against spray water and dust. The rugged construction ensures protection of your goods for many years.

STANEX is constructed of a special light weight aluminum alloy and is highly resistant to corrosion in salt fog and other aggressive environments. STANEX cases in standard sizes have IATA approval UN 4B1/Y120/S/89/CH2659/EDAK for air shipment of hazardous cargo and offer IP54 protection against dust and moisture.

EDAK is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and meets the highest quality standards in its products and services.

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