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CST, Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S

Electro-Optical Solutions for Military Applications

Symfonivej 15,
DK-2730 Herlev,

Copenhagen Sensor Technology

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) is a global niche market leader and innovative Danish suppliers of high-end, ruggedised, electro-optical camera solutions.

Citadel cameras are for local situational awareness on manned and unmanned vehicles:

  • Citadel Panoramic is a daylight camera with a highly sensitive CCD core, which provides a distortion free 170° horizontal FOV. IP 65 housing.
  • Citadel Compact is a daylight camera with a highly sensitive CCD core, offering a horizontal FOV between 47° to 95°. IP 66 and extremely ruggedised for high shock and vibration, compliant to MIL STD.
  • Citadel Thermal is a thermal camera primarily for detection and use at night. Choose FOV of either 44°, 57° or 90°.
  • Citadel Dual Rotation Cam consist of both a daylight camera and a thermal camera in one housing. Providing a horizontal FOV of either 44°, 57° or 90° that is even wider when combined with the rotating function of 180°.
  • Citadel Dual Cam consist of both a daylight camera and a thermal camera in one housing. Providing a horizontal FOV of either 44°, 57° or 90°. The image input from the cameras is also merged.

Spectrel cameras for short-range to long-range applications, such as high-end surveillance and remote weapon stations:

  • Precision zoom-lenses and camera sensor
  • MIL-STD temperature range and shock / vibration
  • Wide variety of solutions, all at IP 67
  • Laser illuminator option for use at night
  • Dual camera configurations containing both long-range and short-range camera

Ruggedised pan / tilt is an option to combine with the different Spectrel cameras:

  • 360° with continuous rotation
  • High load capacity: Up to 50kg
  • Single or dual load mounts

Open frame camera solutions ready to integrate into your own system:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Ruggedised cameras entailing optics, software and sensor in a complete package
  • Providing up to 95° FOV or a zoom recognition distance up to 7.5km for man size

Spectrel naval cameras:

  • IP67
  • With integrated wiper and washer function

OEM – special customised solutions:

  • CST has a long track record as research and design centre for several large international system integrators
  • Fast-track design process
  • Contact with your specific requirements

CST Citadel situational awareness solutions for manned and unmanned vehicles

Providing increased safety for the vehicle crew is of prime importance in the battlefield. Mounting cameras on strategic positions around the vehicle provides a 360° field-of-view (FOV) over the nearby surroundings and offers the driver optimal vision for driving and navigation. Situational awareness also enables the crew to ensure the area is clear before leaving the vehicle.

The core competence of CST is to make ruggedised electro-optical camera solutions, which can be added on or built into an unmanned vehicle for remote control, navigation and asset protection by system providers and vehicle manufacturers.

Display output can be adapted to provide custom lay-outs to meet specific applications for individual problems and scenarios depending on customers’ requirements.

Remote weapon stations

CST has integrated zoom cameras for remote weapon stations as the perfect choice for customers demanding the highest performing electro-optic weapon targeting / guidance sub-systems, capable of operating under extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration.

The products comply with MIL STD 810 and can be installed on both tracked and wheeled vehicles, and the camera system is bore-sighted to achieve a precision of 0.2 milliradian (mrad) over the complete zoom range and the full temperature from -40°C to 70°C.

Open Frame camera solutions for easy integration

The Open Frame cameras are designed to make it easy for our customers to integrate high-end cameras in larger systems for surveillance, security, defence or other entities.

The Open Frame camera solutions entail sensor, optics and camera controller. The cameras operate within the visible band, during the day and down to half moonlight conditions and are operational in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C. If you cannot find the exact configuration you need, CST can also assist with suggesting OEM solutions.

Ruggedised CST electro-optical long-range surveillance, critical infrastructure protection and offshore applications

CST has developed a series of ruggedised electro-optical cameras for medium and long-range surveillance, named Spectrel. This series is based on a highly sensitive colour CCD camera module and powerful zoom lens, ideal for day and night surveillance and to control remote borders on both coast and land, with its hermetically sealed rugged housing.

CST also offers a ruggedised integrated pan and tilt long-range camera and laser illuminator solution (PTZI-1000). It operates in a range between -40°C to 70°C, and has unique bore-sight retention, ensuring optimal scene illumination regardless of distance to the object. It is ideal for day and night surveillance for border protection, camp perimeter protection, homeland security and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) applications.

With a CST daylight camera from the Spectrel series you can recognise and identify the wanted object or person, up to 7.5km away, which gives you the advantage of a faster reaction.

For coastal surveillance and border protection the integrated CST pan and tilt with camera and laser illuminator is an excellent solution. The camera is a long range daylight colour camera and with the invisible laser beam it will provide detailed video and images, even at night. This is very important for applications where identification is required and more accurate than solutions based on thermal cameras where the image mainly shows contours of the object.

The solution is fully controllable through IP, which the video signal is streamed through. They form an integrated solution and can be controlled from a common control and command central if required. The CST pan and tilt PTZI-1000 can easily be mounted on a mast or other structure by the eight mounting holes in the baseplate.

Ruggedised electro-optical cameras for naval and maritime applications

CST electro-optical cameras are ruggedised and hermetically sealed to be operational under humidity for the tough maritime missions performed by naval vessel or patrol vessels. The CST offers excellent surveillance protection on piracy against commercial vessels, by providing staff with extra time to be alert and prepared.

Citadel Compact

Providing increased safety for the entire vehicle crew of armoured vehicles is of prime importance in the battlefield. Mounting several wide angle cameras on strategic positions on the vehicle provides an unobstructed view over the near surroundings, with all hatches closed.

Open Frame 12750/336

The Open frame 12750/336 is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive colour CCD camera and a powerful zoom lens, ideal for day / night coastal surveillance, camp perimeter protection, protecting sensitive infrastructures and similar applications.

The Spectrel 12200/336 Long Range Zoom Camera System Datasheet

The Spectrel 12200/336 System is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive colour CCD camera and a powerful zoom lens, ideal for day/night coastal surveillance, camp perimeter protection, protecting sensitive infrastructures and similar applications.

The Spectrel 121000/336 Long-Range Camera System with HR-video

The Spectrel OEM 121000/336 is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive HR-video colour CCD camera module and a powerful zoom lens, ideal for day/night surveillance for camp perimeter protection, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection (CIP) applications.

CST – Electro-Optical Solutions

CST designs, develops and manufactures ruggedised, high-performance electro-optical solutions for military, homeland security and high-end surveillance applications, for assisting in protecting borders, reducing risk for personnel and material assets and optimising ordnance guidance.

New Standards With Ruggedised CST Electro-Optical Cameras

CST has a successful history as the market leader in the area of electro-optical CCTV cameras for demanding ruggedised solutions targeted for local situational awareness applications and remote weapon stations in particular.

Spectrel PTZI-1000

The Spectrel PTZI-1000 is an integrated, ruggedised, MIL-grade, ready-to-use, high-precision pan/tilt/zoom camera unit with built-in laser illuminator.

CST Selected for Irish MoD LSAS Programme

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) has been awarded a contract with General Dynamics European Land Systems - Mowag (GDELS-Mowag) to provide a local situational awareness system (LSAS) for the Irish Defence Forces Piranha III APC upgrade. This programme is set with a delivery plan from 2017 to 2021.

New Heat Haze Reduction feature in CST cameras

The phenomenon heat haze (also known as heat shimmer) is a common problem when you want to have a clear sight over areas where heat ascend from the ground surface creating heat haze, which blurs the image.

Open Frame Cameras – Easy Integration

CST is pleased to introduce its Open Frame Camera solutions with integrated sensor, optics and camera controller, for customers to easily integrate in their own electro-optical (EO) system.

New Ruggedised SWIR Zoom Camera from CST

'Shortwave Infrared' technology (SWIR) is used to increase visibility by enabling you to see through fog, haze and smoke and can be used in conjunction with an illuminator laser (1.5μm) that is invisible to the human eye.

CST Installs More Than 17,000 MAGNEL Systems

CST has over the years delivered more than 17,000 zoom camera systems in the MAGNEL product range for land, vehicle and naval-based remote weapon stations (RWS).

CST at Eurosatory 2012

CST is happy to announce that it will be showcasing a range of electro-optical solutions products at Eurosatory 2012 in Paris, 11-15 June.

CST, Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S

Symfonivej 15

DK-2730 Herlev