Kontron Nano Client 10.4″: Panel PC with Intel Atom Processor in a Stainless Steel Housing

The new Kontron Nano Client 10.4″ is a fanless Touch Panel PC with Intel Atom Z5xx Processor, which is protected by a fully-sealed IP66 stainless steel housing and is recommended for use as an HMI for harsh environments with high hygiene requirements. Its open x86 architecture also facilitates variant creation and offers a future-proof alternative to RISC-based solutions.

In contrast to RISC-based HMIs, which are clearly more application limited and dedicated to specific functions, the Kontron Nano Client 10.4″ offers an open and therefore easily-scalable x86 platform. The ability to run the same software on a range of x86-based platforms means development efforts can be reduced. The hardware enables application-specific variations to be developed—OEM versions of the system are available through Kontron ODM Services (Original Design and Manufacturing).

The 10.4-inch touch panel PC is fully protected against dust and spray and meets the highest hygienic requirements. Its IP66-protected stainless steel (V2A) housing is free of any grooves and edges where dirt could accumulate. The stand-alone device can be quickly and easily integrated, thanks to its VESA mount, and it is particularly suitable in applications for the: food and beverage industry, in shop-floor solutions (from the receipt of goods to shipping), hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical production, as a POS terminal or Kiosk-Panel, and in building automation. Plus, thanks to its rugged design, it is also suitable for use in any industrial environment.

The Kontron Nano Client 10.4” is equipped with a 45nm Intel Atom Z5xx processor up to 1.6 GHz and the highly-integrated Intel System Controller Hub US15W, and a maximum of 1024 MB soldered RAM, allowing it to run demanding web-based visualizations. It also includes all required interfaces for HMI or terminal applications: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x USB 2.0, and Compact Flash for data storage, a robust system design with no moving parts, and excellent vibration and shock resistance. A 24-volt DC power supply rounds out the industrial-grade feature set.

The CE-certified Kontron Nano Client 10.4″ is now available in EMEA and later this year in America and APAC. It supplements the Kontron Nano Client Family, which is available with a 15-inch monitor. It supports Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Embedded Linux.

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