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Security Systems Hardware and Equipment

Poppenbütteler Bogen 39,
Hamburg 22399,

Poppenbütteler Bogen 39,
Hamburg 22399,

Founded in 2009, FaliTec is a joint venture of system integrators, hardware manufactures and software developers, grown from the need for total security systems. Based in Hamburg, Germany, with worldwide relations, we offer fully flexible hardware and software solutions to achieve maximum integration in security systems.

Our product portfolio consists of a wide range of security equipment, including several types of camera, barriers, sensors, alarm systems and security management software solutions.

Fibre-optical sensor security systems

The FaliSense fibre-optical sensor system is an alarm system that can be integrated into any kind of perimeter security system. It can be used for different indoor and outdoor security applications like fences, ground sensors or object protection.

The FaliSense system uses a microprocessor controlled evaluation unit with a highly sophisticated evaluation algorithm to optimise the sensitivity of the connected fibre-optic sensor cable. The sensor cable is capable of detecting any kind of mechanical stress along the maximum length of 400m.

Without current running through the sensor cable and thanks to its very stable design, it can be used in any environment without being affected by electromagnetic interference like thunderstorms or high-voltage power lines.

With different configurations of digital and analogue input and output ports, as well as different PC and network interfaces, the system is designed to fit or extend any given security system. It can also operate as a field hub, making it possible to connect other devices into your software controlled security network.

The FaliSense control software is able to control and monitor up to 250 sensor units in one network, which can be connected to the main server using different network technologies. The software can also be used as a system server, and to supply access and monitoring to other management systems.

Long-range motion sensors

The FaliTec FT-1310 is a new generation, long-range outdoor motion sensor. Its long and narrow detection scope creates a 50m x 3m detection wall and allows tracking of intruders inside a protected zone. It is a perfect addition to a traditional perimeter security setup and allows coverage of complex zones where less sophisticated equipment would fail. The FT-1310 has a minimal false alarm rate and no dead zone, and, despite its high performance, is easy to install and maintain.

Thermal imaging cameras

Falitec’s thermal imaging cameras are designed to fit into all infrared systems. They provide high-resolution, high contrast images where lighting is impossible, including dusty and smoky environments. The cameras require no heating or cooling in temperatures between -20°C -+60°C, and have IP65 rated housings.

Infrared barriers

We can supply different specification infrared barriers, depending on customer requirements. Our FT-1200 barrier series is the highest performing product on the market, creating an invisible and impassable wall. Height, number of beams and configuration can be chosen with respect to site location.

Security video software packages

Our team has developed DiViCro, a software package that can manage up to 16,000 video sources and display 25 scaleable video output windows per workstation. It has been designed to efficiently and comprehensively aid the monitoring and management of surveillance video. The software comes with integrated motion detection, a zoom function in live as well as playback mode and ready-made interfaces for all major camera brands.

Security product research and development

Our international team of experienced hardware and software developers, as well as our close connection to end users and system integrators, allows us to develop products according to the demands and requirements of the market.

Our standard product range is designed to meet most field applications, but we also cater to specific individual requirements to give customers maximum integration for the most complete system. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we would be pleased to view your special project.

High-Security Solutions with DualCam From FaliTec

The DualCam Camera series combines an un-cooled thermal camera module with a Sony IOP camera. This PTZ camera system has a vandal-resistant body with a rugged and stylish design, offering perfect image solutions.

FaliTec Releases Free White Paper

FaliTec, a developer and manufacturer of flexible hardware and software for integration in security solutions, has released a free white paper on Airport Technology.

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Poppenbütteler Bogen 39

Hamburg 22399