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Farymann Diesel Systems

High-Performance Diesel Engines for the Defence Industry

Farymann Diesel Systems is one of the most famous diesel engine manufacturers in the defence industry.

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Farymann Diesel Systems is one of the most famous diesel engine manufacturers in the defence industry. Under the brand Farymann Diesel, the company produces and sells single cylinder diesel engines specifically designed for use in military applications.

Single cylinder diesel engines for military applications

The most common uses for the engine include the powering of APU systems, pump drives, battery chargers and compressors, in a power range from 3kW to 12.5kW. That power range is covered by both 18 and 43 series direct injection diesel engines. Possible customer requirements, like high rate of inclination (31°), improved cold start capability (-32°C) and hand start via a crank handle are all available in the standard product. These engines are compact with high power-weight ratios and a multi-fuel capability.

The Small Farymann 18-series

The 18-series engines cover a power range from 3kW to 5kW at 3,600 rpm. The swept volume is 290cc. Typical applications include battery chargers, APU´s and pump sets. This engine series is available in both air cooled and water cooled versions. The water cooled version, 18W, is designed especially for sound-protected fully canopied equipment, whereas the air cooled version, 18D, is normally used for non-canopied equipment.

As both engines are fitted with nearly the same parts – only the cylinder liner and cylinder head are different – the number of spare parts is almost fully common, thus reducing the spares inventory.

The Flat Farymann 43-series

The 43 engine series – which covers a power rage from 7kW to 12.5kW – offers a range of unique design features. As a horizontal engine, the overall height required for installation is only 360mm. Coupled with an alternator of the same diameter, a highly compact APU can be achieved.

Because of its small envelope, the system driven by a 43-series engine can be assembled on vehicles such as battle tanks, where space for installation is always minimal. 43-series engines have a swept volume of 710cc and are also available in water cooled and air cooled variants.

Tailor-made small diesel engines

Beginning with the foundation of the Farymann company in 1947, the main strategy for the development of new products has been to serve niche markets, with highly reliable state-of-the-art small diesel engines. Our flexible approach in providing tailor-made solutions to our customers is one of our key characteristics.

Engines for auxiliary drives in the defence market

Since 2007 Farymann has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Limited – a world leader in the field of single cylinder diesel engines.

Today, we deliver engines for auxiliary drives in the defence market across the whole globe.

Our state-of-the-art engines are produced in a ISO-9000 plant and are approved by NATO.

Zastava NTV 40.13 H Off-Road Vehicle

Zastava NTV (Novo Terensko Vozilo) 40.13 H is a 4x4 wheeled off-road military utility vehicle manufactured by Zastava Trucks for the Serbian Army.

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