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Body Armour, Ballistic Jackets, Ballistic Helmets, Ballsitic Shields and De-Mining Suits

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MKU is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of armored solutions for the defense sector, globally. It specializes in providing customized solutions in anti-ballistic solutions to its customers spread across more than 60 countries.

Protecting those who protect us

MKU has an experience of over 25 years in servicing the requirements of defence and paramilitary forces across the world. It services its customers in over 50 countries (including all NATO countries) through a portfolio of over 30 products in more than 10 categories. Through concentrated efforts, MKU has gained diverse domain expertise in products and solutions for the armed forces that have allowed the soldiers to perform more efficiently and effectively while staying protected.

The range of products & solutions offered by MKU can be classified under the following heads:

  • Personal protection – helmets, ballistic over-vests, up-armor inserts, anti-mine suits, boots, helmet and gloves, bomb blankets, and ballistic shields
  • Platform protection – light weight armor solutions and platform integration (vehicle armouring, aircraft armouring, naval vessel armouring, object armouring, and integration of systems and sub-systems)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAVS)
  • Night vision devices (NVDs)
  • Universal gun barrel cleaning systems (UGBCS)


MKU is one of the largest manufacturers of helmets in the world. Helmets from MKU are designed and manufactured to offer maximum protection and comfort to the wearer.

Ballistic jackets and over-vests

MKU offers a variety of ballistic jackets and vests for various applications and usages that meet the required threat levels adequately and effectively. At the same time they are comfortable to wear. These high performance jackets and vests are capable of providing protection levels upto NIJ level IIIA, allowing unrestricted movement to the user.

Up-armor inserts

At times, when threat levels change from handguns to heavier types of ammunition such as rifle bullets and more penetrating types of ammunition or even stabs, ballistic jackets and vests need to be up armoured with suitable lightweight protection to provide optimum protection.

MKU offers protection against the latest threats through its Armour Plates which are lighter, advanced and cost effective.

Ballistic shields

MKU ballistic shields are capable of providing protection against handguns, shotguns and submachine guns. The shields used for rifle protection are heavier and thicker and are usually mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

MKU’s high performance ballistic shields are ergonomically designed to maximise easy handling and lasting usage experience to the end customers. Developed with the latest high performance ballistic material technology, these shields are approved and tested as per established international standards.

Bomb blankets

MKU’s Bomb Suppression Blanket is a unique product that provides emergency protection against blasts and fragments in event of an explosive device detonating before it can be neutralised. It is effective against most pipe bombs, hand grenades and fragments caused by pressure or electrical explosions. The Bomb Blanket can also be used as a temporary portable barrier for VIP’s, on windows or in place of several shields to protect the police in barricade situations. Other uses include protection of petrol explosives or grenades stored near probable explosion hit areas.

De-mining suits and gear

These are especially designed for personnel who are engaged in mine breaching and clearing operations. MKU de-mining suits not only protect against projectiles and high velocity fragments, but also against overt pressure and intense heat in close proximity of explosive detonation.

These suits employ high-tech materials for defeating multiple-threats.

Panthera T-6F Light Armoured Personnel Carrier

Panthera T-6F light armoured personnel carrier (APC) is designed and manufactured by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV), a developer of armoured vehicles based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile

Nag is a third-generation, fire-and-forget, anti-tank guided missile developed by India's state-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to support both mechanised infantry and airborne forces of the Indian Army.

MKU Shows its Lightweight Armour Capabilities at DSEi

At DSEi, the defence exhibition held between 8-11 September 2009, MKU will be displaying a range of its lightweight armour solutions, many already in service, and briefing original equipment manufacturers, upgrade project managers and end users on its capabilities. The company is exhibiting at st

MKU Displays Instavest Body Armour and Boltfree Ballistic Helmets at DSEi

Lightweight armour manufacturers and suppliers like MKU are able to offer personal protection solutions in large numbers and at short notice. At the DSEi exhibition (stand 1924), MKU will be displaying a range of its lightweight personal armour solutions, many already in service, including its in

MKU to Showcase Acclaimed Instavest Ballistic Overvest at DSEi 2009, London

MKU, a global defense solutions company and a pioneer in personal and vehicle protection solutions is showcasing the acclaimed Instavest Ballistic over vest at DSEi 2009, London The Instavest ballistic over vest features advanced features and an innovative design to offer enhanced protection and

MKU Launches Instavest Body Armour at IDEX 2009

Instavest is a cutting-edge ballistic vest from MKU. Its unique ‘one-snap’ fast d-offing mechanism makes it stand out as a serious contender for the IOTV vests currently in use by the advanced armies of the world. Instavest is claimed to have an average d-offing time of less than a second and an

MKU- Targeting UAV Business

Projections of the UAV market are growing as rapidly as the imaginations capability to figure out newer applications. Keeping in view the Past Global Trends are visited it will be observed the sales in the coming two decades is expected to be whooping trillions of dollars. In 2007, MKU

MKU and AST Are All Set to Harness Ballistic Frontiers

MKU Private Limited, a versatile and rapidly growing defense solutions provider, has joined hand in partnership with AST Security Equipment GmbH, Germany, a front-runner in ballistic protection solutions. This venture by MKU aims high in the face of tomorrow’s challenges with defense solutions th

MKU to Focus on Vehicle Armouring Programs in US

MKU announced its decision to focus on entering into the vehicle armoring business in US. It will work closely with partners to develop armoring solutions for vehicles based on the major programs and projects underway in the United States and across the world. It will be launching its full range

MKU Armors Acquired by MKU

MKU is delighted to announce that the 100% EOU unit, MKU Armors, is being acquired by MKU. The new division subsequently being formed shall be known as MKU Pvt. Ltd. (EOU Division), and shall operate from its exiting location at 118-E, Shyam Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.


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