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Kenya Trucks and Tractor Building, Butere Road, Nairobi, Industrial Area,Other, Kenya

Kenya Trucks and Tractor Building, Butere Road, Nairobi, Industrial Area,Other, Kenya

Izmir Enterprises is a company dedicated to providing our clients and partners with quality personal protection products and equipment. We take pride in our the efficiency, cost effectiveness and variety of our products which cover over 50 brands.

Our main clients include government and non-government organizations within the Great Lake region of Africa, an area which encompasses Kenya, Uganda, Tanazania Rwanda, Congo and Burundi.

Our main product range includes military and police issue body armour and ancillary armour plate inserts.

Body armour for law enforcement personnel

Izmir’s protection products include a wide range of body armour and equipment for law enforcement personnel. This includes tactical vests, anti-stab vests ballistic helmets, and elbow and knee pads. Other equipment includes rappelling gear, webbing and holsters.

Riot control equipment

Izmir also supplies a wide range of riot control equipment including armour and accessories. Our range of riot control products includes body armour and riot helmets, perspex riot shields (mantlet and round shield models) and less-lethal weapons. We also supply a wide range of loudhailer and megaphone systems.

Military armour and apparel

Izmir supply a wide range of military armour and accessories. Products include tactical vests and plate armour inserts, combat helmets, EOD armour, and fragmentation goggles. We also produce a range of BDUs in a wide variety of camouflage patterns, as well as miscellaneous personal equipment such as camping gear, torches, spare socks and boots.

Military tents

As well as body armour and apparel, Izmir also produce a range of military-specification tents. These come in a variety of styles and sizes and are suitable for a wide variety of roles, ranging from military accommodation to disaster relief centers and field hospitals. Our tent models include bush tents, marquee tents, senior officer tents, camouflage nets and ground sheets.

Armoured vehicles

We can also modify or supply a range of armoured vehicles for law enforcement or light military roles. These vehicles can provide full ballistic protection form a range of small arms, and can transport personnel safely and quickly to where they are needed most.

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