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Caparo Dynamics

Anti-Vibration and Shock Mounts

PO Box 36, Corngreaves Road,
Cradley Heath,
West Midlands,
United Kingdom

PO Box 36, Corngreaves Road,
Cradley Heath,
West Midlands,
United Kingdom

Caparo Dynamics design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of high-performance anti-vibration mounts and shock mounts for use in land vehicles, military aerospace and naval applications.

Caparo Dynamics is a small and dynamic BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. Our anti-vibration mounts and shock mounts are manufactured in the UK to the MoD / defence industry’s exacting standards and also comply to US Mil-901-D and Mil-17185 specifications.

Caparo Dynamics has been developing and manufacturing shock mounts and anti-vibration mounts since 1986. Below is a sample of the extensive range we can produce.

NATO-codified shock and anti-vibration mounts

The Admiralty range of NATO codified shock mounts and anti-vibration mounts was developed in conjunction with the British MoD for extensive use in both defence and commercial applications throughout the world.

Anti-vibration mounts for avionics equipment

Our highly versatile, lightweight and compact Aerospace range of anti-vibration mounts originally designed to support avionics equipment onboard military helicopters and aircraft is now used onboard land vehicles to support sensitive electronic equipment where extreme environmental conditions apply.

Wire mesh cushions, washers, sleeves and rings

Caparo Dynamics knits and forms wire mesh into cushions, washers, sleeves and rings (to suit the requirement) offering a bespoke anti-vibration solution where extreme environmental conditions apply.

All-metal shock mounts

This collection of high performance “all metal” mounts is designed to maintain equal stiffness in all directions, giving ultimate support and protection for use in the most demanding environments.

Industrial range

A mixture of our resilient wire mesh mounts and coil spring mounts are often found supporting a wide variety of industrial machinery.

Shock and anti-vibration mount applications

Common shock mounts and anti-vibration mounts applications include:

  • Engine radiator / engine cooling
  • Pumps / engines
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Cab seating / passenger seating / crew seating
  • Sensitive electronics equipment
  • Sensitive radio equipment
  • Sensitive communications equipment
  • Sensitive electrical equipment
  • Sensitive computer equipment
  • Sensitive LCD screens
  • Cab isolation / cab mountings
  • Exhaust systems
  • Pipe hangers
  • “Floating floors” / “false floors” in accommodation centres / command centres

At Caparo Dynamics our highly experienced technical team are available to offer advice and assistance in many different ways:

Custom-designed anti-vibration and shock mounts

We are a client-driven company. Many applications require a custom designed solution and we are more than happy to assist you (as required) for those customers who require more than just the usual help with calculations.

Vehicle mount shock predictions

With our MoD designed and approved software, Caparo Dynamics can predict mount displacements and more importantly the levels of above mount acceleration (g) following a shock event. This allows us to verify the selection of mounts employed to isolate shock and vibration in any given scenario

Vehicle Vibration predictions

If specific vibration problems exist or you are concerned that there may be issues during the design phase on a new project, please feel free to contact us for some friendly advice.

Computer-aided mounting arrangement analysis

The pioneering use of computer aided analysis and a schematic design service to predict the response and positioning of anti-vibration mounts and shock mounts ensures customers take delivery of the optimum solution.

Caparo Dynamics

PO Box 36, Corngreaves Road

Cradley Heath

West Midlands


United Kingdom