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Military and Security Communication Products and Systems

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SysDo specializes in developing, producing and integrating superior communication products and systems for military, police, homeland security and government operations.

Tactical communication and aviation systems

SysDo offers a verity of high quality tactical communication and aviation solutions such as headset, handsets, intercoms, field telephones and antennas. The company is expert in custom design of product and systems for end users, system integrators, and radio communication manufacturers.

The products and systems designed for use by military, security, surveillance, public safety, emergency teams, SWAT, fire fighters, HAZMAT and other law enforcement professionals along with food service, hospitality, entertainment and industrial markets. The company provides a complete turnkey solution for projects and is ISO9001:2000 certified and qualified to IPC610 standard.

Military terminal systems

Our range of military terminal systems include field telephones and tactical loudspeakers. The field telephones solutions support Local Battery (LB) and Central Battery (CB) modes for Transmitting and receiving rings, dialing and voice communication. The loudspeakers are waterproof and can employ any radio or intercom system.

Military lightweight and tactical headsets

Our range of military headsets includes lightweight, tactical, and active noise reduction (ANR) variants for airborne and ground, intercom, control room and broadcast applications. The lightweight series are designed for land / mobile, aviation and broadcast applications, and have single or dual speakers. The tactical series design to operate in difficult environments they have solid structure and are waterproof. The ANR headset line provides high environment active noise reduction with full cushion design for Airborne and ground needs.

Military audio accessories

Our range of military audio accessories includes handsets, wire and wireless PTT’s, radio adapters and surveillance audio kits. Our handset line is customized to match any OEM or communication system such as radios, telephones, intercom etc. The wire and wireless PTT’s suitable for almost any communication demands. The surveillance audio kits are durable, reliabiliable and high performance. Experience high-clarity, two-way radio transmissions that are unnoticed by others around you.

Military antennas

We supply HF, VHF and UHF wideband whip antennas for vehicle, mobile manpacks and tactical applications. Our comprehensive antenna line supports the frequency range of 2 to 512 MHz.

  • HF – 1.6 to 30 MHz
  • VHF – 30 to 88 MHz
  • UHF – 225 to 512 MHz
  • Multi-band – 30 to 512 MHz

We also supply HF base station antennas, Slant and dipole antenna models for long distance HF communication, with a frequency range of between 2MHz and 30 MHz. We also supply a range of GPS and satellite phone antennas.

HS-TC20 Lightweight Tactical Headset

The HS-TC20 Lightweight Tactical Headset is waterproof and features a noise cancelling electret mic, single dynamic speaker and flexible boom adjustable to each side.


1 Pamonit

St. Magshimim