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Defence IT Solutions and Systems Integration

S&T Slovenia is the leading provider of high-performance IT solutions and system integration in its region.

Leskoškova cesta 6,
SI-1000 Ljubljana,

Leskoškova cesta 6,
SI-1000 Ljubljana,

S&T Slovenia is the leading provider of high-performance IT solutions and system integration in its region. The company is setting future standards by offering a wide range of solutions, technologies and products for information support in military operations. Our product focus includes C, C2 and C4 capabilities, messaging, onsite support, security and standard IT. The company employs over 1,600 people in 19 countries. The defence competence centre is based in Slovenia and is responsible for the region.

S&T Slovenia is setting standards for the future by offering a wide range of solutions, technologies and products for information support in military operations. Our customers, the Armed Forces, are therefore guaranteed a reliable and secure exchange of structured electronic information all the way from reconnaissance to the highest ranks of the military command structure. S&T Slovenia can handle various data and documents, including Nato confidential information.

Battle Eye System

The Battle Eye System (BES) enhances the soldier’s understanding of the surrounding action by providing a clear digital picture of the battlefield. With its robust and modular architecture built around a high-performance GIS engine, the Battle Eye System delivers all tactical data to the screen of the soldier.

It offers a wide range of connectivity to various data networks, improves the command and control process and enhances situational awareness. It helps gather and share information and integrates several navigation, weapon and sensor systems. BES features a battle-proven intuitive touch-screen driven user interface, designed to be used in vehicles moving over rough terrain.

Peripherial device server for integrating systems

Integrating systems on land, sea and air, the peripherial device server (PDS) can be used wherever weapon, sensor or other system integration is required. Being a near real-time system with a data sampling rate measured in kilo hertz makes it an attractive solution for a wide range of applications.

From wheeled vehicles to sensor networks, PDS can gather, share and process data without the need to develop a costly solution for every single system involved. Because of its modular design, it can be configured and tailored to the customer’s needs, while the PDS API offers software developers complete freedom of integration with other existing or future systems.

With the PDS in place, integrating application software is easy. The PDS does not just provide an interface to the hardware in the vehicle, but a complete hardware abstraction layer, providing information rather than just a connection to different hardware systems. It is currently being used in IFVs – AMV 8×8, Steyer Pandur (‘Valuk’) and CBRN Cobra 4×4 vehicles of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Hardware abstraction layer for military communication equipment

COMMS2 is a hardware abstraction layer providing connectivity among different military communication equipment and networks. COMMS2 acts as a software driver for different Combat Network Radios (CNR), offering reliable and unreliable communication services over radio networks and supporting a multitude of radio modem devices.

A fixed, standardised, well-documented socket-like programming interface is open towards the client with ability to send and receive messages with the corresponding transmission status notifications.

Visual classroom combat training system

S&T’s VBS2-based classroom trainer is interactive, highly realistic 3D simulation system intended for tactical training and exercising operation procedures VBS2 is a flexible, customizable and interoperable system, which offers a wide range of combat training scenarios using different battle configurations and environments.

Among others it includes: mission simulations, fire control exercises, navigation, tactical exercises and training, combat analysis etc. VBS2 is widely used by armed forces in the US, Canada and some of the Nato members.

It has a proven track record as a training solution, and in combination with traditional training enables more efficient and rational combat training. S&T Slovenia offers full support with consultation, installation, customisation, use and maintenance of the VBS2 combat training system.

Bulgarian Forces Eye S&T Products

S&T defence recently demonstrated the rapid deployment capabilities of the combat net radio integration suite (COMMS2), the Battle Eye System (BES) and a JTAC trainer at the Bulgarian 34750 unit in Karlovo.

S&T defence and Milsistemika launch PES

S&T defence and Milsistemika launched C1 level android application called PES for tracking, navigation, and common operational picture sharing.

S&T Videos Available on YouTube

Due to the high interest in our promotional videos, we have decided to create our very own S&T defence YouTube channel.

S&T Slovenija

Leskoškova cesta 6

SI-1000 Ljubljana