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Quartz Crystals and Clock Oscillators for Military Radio Equipment

Blacknell Lane Industrial Estate,
TA18 7HE Other,
United Kingdom

Blacknell Lane Industrial Estate,
TA18 7HE Other,
United Kingdom


Euroquartz designs, manufactures and supplies frequency control components. Manufacturing takes place at our UK headquarters and we are a Franchised distributor for the Statek Group who manufacture in the US.

Euroquartz and Statek products are used worldwide in applications as diverse as wireless communications equipment, industrial controls, aerospace and defence.

Euroquartz is an independent British company which supplies a broad a range of frequency control products that include quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, TCXOs, OCXOs and electronic filters.

The experience and strength of the Euroquartz operation is our strong commitment to customers, to whom we provide a comprehensive level of technical support based on many years of manufacturing experience and customer collaboration.

Quartz crystals for the communication industry

Euroquartz has manufactured quartz crystals since 1944 and in our UK facility since 1989. The crystals we produce include UM-1, UM-5, HC49, and HC50 style packages.

Most of the UK production is biased towards the communication industries. Additionally, Euroquartz produces crystals for several radio pager applications. The UK-based operation offers a quick turnaround service.

Crystals for high shock, vibration and temperature environments

In conjunction with our long-term partner Statek, Euroquartz supplies a wide range of high-specification crystals capable of withstanding up to 125,000g and 200°C.

The applications for the Statek range of crystals ranges from guided missiles to ‘down-hole’ drilling rigs where the extreme environments require a robust and reliable product.

Crystal package sizes range from the 8mm x 3.6mm CX1 to the latest CX18 which measures 1.55mm x 0.95mm. This unique range of crystal products that are able to survive extreme environments have been used to solve many of our customers’ technical problems.

Military clock oscillators

Euroquartz manufactures precision clock oscillators for use in ‘MIL’ environments, from their site in Crewkerne, Somerset, UK, and offers a military screening release where required.

The Euroquartz EQXO-1000BM series, a 14 pin DIL packaged oscillator, is available with ±50ppm and ±100ppm stabilities over the ‘MIL’ temperature range and is available in the frequency range of 30kHz to 70MHz.

The allied EQXO-2000BM series, an 8 pin DIL packaged oscillator, is also available in ±50ppm and ±100ppm stabilities and is available in the frequency range of 30kHz to 70MHz.

This British designed and manufactured oscillator has won many ‘design-ins’ over the past ten years. A variant of the oscillator range, the radiation hardened BMH type, has been used in space applications.

Oscillators for high shock, vibration and temperature environments

The Statek range of highly resilient (Non-ITAR) clocks offers extreme-environment survivability. Variants of this product that provide high shock and high temperature survivability are available.

The CXOX series oscillators offer a small footprint of 3.2mm x 2.5mm whilst the CXOM series offers a conventional 6.5mm x 5mm SMD outline.

The Statek oscillator range is resilient to shock up to 10,000g and temperature up to 200°C for 5,000 hours with ageing better than 5ppm. Combinations of both high shock and temperature are readily available, as is the ability to specify full military testing.

High-specification military TXCOs / OCXOs

Greenray Industries, part of the Statek group, has collaborated with Euroquartz on many high-specification military and aerospace projects over the years.

Greenray offers frequency control solutions for many applications, including military, telecommunications, wireless, SATCOM, WiMAX, instrumentation and global navigation systems.

The frequency range offered is from 20kHz to 1GHz. Greenray oscillators are capable of surviving high shock and vibration levels. High stability versions are available offering ±0.5ppm and with a choice of outputs: CMOS, clipped sine, LVDS and PECL.

Customisable crystal filters for military radios

Euroquartz manufactures a range of crystal filters with frequencies up to 175MHz. The FN07531 series provides a four-pole filter suitable for radio download filtering.

Packaged in a ruggedised 60mm x 24mm package, with either SMA or BNC terminations, the range of filters offers a 3dB bandwidth of 15kHz.

Custom versions are available and existing designs are often requested for re-fit applications. Crystal filters offer a very accurate envelope for accepting and rejecting signals.

Euroquartz EM57S Series Clipped Sinewave 7 x 5 x 2mm SMD

EM57S series TCXOs are packaged in the industry-standard 7mm x 5mm package. With clipped sinewave output, close tolerances are available from ±0.5ppm over 0°C to 50°C or ±1ppm over -40°C to 85°C. The part has very low power consumption.

Trends in Oscillator Design Technology

Many modern applications require lower phase noise characteristics such as higher frequencies and lower operating voltages and this is pushing the boundaries of oscillator design forward.

Phase Noise in Crystal Oscillators

The spectrum of crystal oscillator output signals can comprises of various components, as well as the fundamental frequency that can be seen on a spectrum analyser, harmonics, sub-harmonics and spurious signals.

Euroquartz Introduces Three Ranges of Ultra-Miniature Quartz Crystals from Statek

Frequency control specialist Euroquartz has announced availability of three new ranges of ultra-miniature quartz crystals from Statek that are designed for use in medical-implantable wireless RF transceiver applications using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) or Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) specifications.

The Euroquartz Design Resource

As a manufacturer of quartz crystals, oscillators and filters, Euroquartz have developed an understanding of many aspects of frequency control, which has resulted in being involved in many customer-led projects.

Euroquartz Launches New Ultra-Low Jitter Oscillators

Frequency control specialist Euroquartz has launched a new range of oscillators offering an ultra-low phase jitter of 50fs. The new oscillators are produced in the UK and provide LVCMOS output from a supply voltage of 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V.

Euroquartz Launches New Low Power Ultra-Miniature Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz has launched a new range of low-power ultra-miniature quartz crystal oscillators from Statek designed for use in a wide range of applications, including military communications, battery-operated devices, navigation and GPS, wireless telemetry, hand-held instrumentation, patient monitoring and infusion pumps.

Euroquartz Launches New Low-Profile Differential Output

Frequency control specialist Euroquartz has launched a new low profile, differential output crystal oscillator (DFXO) from Statek, designed for use in applications requiring low jitter and ultra-high frequency differential outputs in a small footprint.

Euroquartz Ltd

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