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ISO Container Conversion for Communications, Security and Surveillance

13 Stem Ln, Queensway, New Milton, BH25 5NU, United Kingdom

13 Stem Ln, Queensway, New Milton, BH25 5NU, United Kingdom

Cannon Technologies is a leading supplier of approved converted International Organization for Standardization (ISO) containers, indoor and outdoor cabinets, enclosures, cabins and thermal systems for the protection of communications, electrical and electronic equipment.

Most modern infrastructure projects, including signalling, surveillance, communications and network systems, utilise Cannon solutions.

Integrated land system solutions for military and civilian applications

Cannon has a long history of product development for both military and civilian applications. This experience has been fundamental to the development of a wide range of integrated indoor and outdoor ISO container and enclosure systems. In addition to the cabinets shown, Cannon offers thermal and diagnostic systems.

Among these products are globe trotter, a transportable ISO module providing the necessary shock and vibration, electromagnetic control (EMC) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) environment with secure door locking up to military (MIL) standards for turnkey IT Disaster Recovery equipment, communications, surveillance, signalling, operations and medical applications.

Products for the defence and communication markets

Cannon has an extensive range of products developed and manufactured for the defence and communications markets, including:

  • Disaster recovery modular data centres
  • Security and Surveillance IP55 indoor and IP65 outdoor cabinets and enclosures
  • Communications, routing and switching equipment protection
  • Deployable mobile cells, ground stations and command posts
  • Deployable medical facilities, including clinical trial (CT), medium resolution instrument (MRI) and operating theatres

Products can also be manufactured to meet precise client requirements.

Outdoor cabinets and enclosures for IP65 and active cooling technologies

The Cannon outdoor cabinet range provides a single or multi-chamber, temperature-controlled and secure environment for valuable sensitive communications, electronic and electrical equipment, in a cost-effective and space-saving manner.

Cabinets are sealed up to IP65 and are tailor-made to suit specific client equipment, including copper and fibre management and EMC shielding where applicable, with core material life expectancy exceeding 25 years.

Additional fundamental features protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture and physical attack.

Remote-access control and security systems

The Cannon high-security stainless-steel lock is also designed to accept the Cannon upgrade pack, which will convert the installation to a remote controlled locking system.

This system is remotely controlled by our ‘Cannon-Guard’ security system enabling remote lock activation from anywhere worldwide. Video surveillance systems are also available for positive monitoring, together with two-way audio, which assists with on the spot engineering guidance. Full alarm and audit trail capability increases positive security and records of alarm or intrusion activation.

Options include remote keyless access control, alarms for security breaches or out of tolerance conditions providing mission critical infrastructure with positive monitoring and superior system management. Monitoring and alarm warning for critical issues include temperature, humidity, flood, shock, security, smoke, and fire can be combined with an early warning of system failure that enables efficient intervention to maintain service, security and safety.

Shock and vibration protection for transport vehicle equipment

The SMART Soft-Ride Indoor 19in Cabinet provides shock and vibration protection for equipment installed into transport vehicles such as air, sea and land.

About Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies has nearly four decades of research, development and testing and offers a range of products that will comply with the most challenging defence standards. Tested at independent laboratories, Cannon’s solutions carry certification to conform to applicable standards.

Cannon Technologies have proven themselves in the arena of defence technology by gaining independent and DEF STAN approvals for many of our products. We have also been actively involved in signalling, communications and medical projects helping to provide a safer and more reliable defence sector for the future.

Cannon Technologies

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