Solifos Rugged Protected Fibre-Optic Cables and Connectors

Solifos is a leader in cable-based military communications cable based solutions for tough operations. From the very robust tactical fiber optic cable with military lens connectors to complete field-deployable cable sets, including all needed accessories we developed to complete rapid deployable communication infrastructures. To protect the systems and the persons in the field against lightning strikes, complete protection zones can be engineered with masts and ropes including central feed points.

Special communication cables and cupper cables

We supply special cables, cupper cables for communication or power or even combination of them. Power cables for low voltages, medium voltages up to high voltages expand our range.

We also offer training to maintain systems and or even repair and test cable assemblies in the field or in the workshop. We concentrate on ease of handling, low maintenance, low susceptibility to repair and efficient logistics

Fibre-optic military cables and connectors

Maximum demands are placed on mobility, reliability and ruggedness of the fiber optic cable connections in a military environment. Our BRUmil, BRUtough and BRUpowermil cables have been developed for the most varied uses under the harshest environmental conditions. Finished off with military connectors, on various reels, these cable assemblies are virtually unbeatable and guarantee a high level of availability combined with low life-cycle costs.

Military cable laying service

The reliability of a communication link depends ultimately on proper laying of the cable in the field. Benefit from our laying resources, which were specially developed for military applications, together with the necessary accessories.

Customized military communication systems

We have developed customized communication systems based on our specialty of rugged, tactical fiber optic cables. This highly mobile and rugged communications infrastructure is eminently suitable for use by combined operations and multinational forces as it is easy to transport, as well as quick to set up and dismantle again.

The remote power supply feeds remote communication equipment with power and data, which are transported over one cable, the BRUpowermil over distances of up to several kilometers.

Lightning and surge protection

The aim is to protect both people and equipment under canvas against the dangerous effects of a lightning strike during a storm. Masts erected with ropes trap any lightning flashes and discharge them into the ground by way of earth spikes. The step voltage dangerous to animals and humans, which occurs in the vicinity of a lightning strike is reduced to such an extent in the protection zone by using voltage grading cables that there is no risk of harm to people.

All metallic cables may conduct dangerous voltages due to the magnetic field that arises when a lightning strike occurs. To prevent these from being released into the protection zone, it is necessary to route all electric cables into the zone under canvas by way of appropriate lightning arresters. The central feed point (CFP) serves the purpose of coarse protection and the distributed lightning protection filters in the equipment serve as fine protection. Thus protection is provided for people against fatal touch voltages on the equipment and also the IT equipment itself.

Testing, repair and training

Maintenance and repair play an important part in ensuring the reliability of systems. Our range includes all the resources needed – everything from mobile, optical testing equipment to field-proven repair kits. We also have the necessary know-how to generate the maintenance and repair solutions required in a military environment. Together with our training courses, which are tailored to customer requirements, we create conditions to enable the best possible preventive and corrective maintenance.

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Fibre Optic Tactical Cable Solutions and Accessories

Solifos is one of the world's leading suppliers. Its cables have been successfully used in defence technology for 20 years.

Solifos AG | Fiber Optic Systems

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Solifos AG | Fiber Optic Systems

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+41 56 461 80 00 +41 56 460 3532

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