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American Signal Corporation

Military Electronic Voice and Siren Equipment

United States of America

American Signal Corporation is the manufacturer of sirens and SCADA systems with a company heritage dating back to 1893. We are a key supplier of the US military, and have installed electronic voice and siren systems at Fort Belvoir, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Redstone Arsenal, Red River Army Depot, Nellis AFB and Creech AFB.

Military electronic voice and warning siren equipment

Our i-Force™ 1,600w warning siren is specifically designed for military applications and areas that require voice and tone capabilities in transient areas. This high level of sound pressure output is complimented by superb acoustical performance and brilliant voice notification broadcasting.

The i-Force™ sirens can be activated locally or from a central point using the existing CompuLert™ and Central Station Controller (CSC960). Any of ten standard or six optional customized tones such as taps, bugle call etc… can be activated along with pre-recorded messages. These options or a combination of tones and messages are limitless. In addition, the system has the capability for connecting to strobe lights
and additional systems through a RS-232 and RS-485 connections. The i-Force™ electronic siren is the perfect application for the Military.

Fully configurable voice sirens

Our E-Class voice siren is fully configurable for a wide range of applications and coverage patterns, from directional 90, 180, 270, to a full 360 omni-directional sound propagation. Each 400W speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400W power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. For a powerful yet economical voice/siren system E-Class will meet your needs.

Military siren design characteristics

Siren Models EC1 through EC-12 produce 121 up to 128 decibels respectively. Applications include omni-directional or quadrant configurations for 90*-360* coverage patterns. The spun aluminum re-entrant siren horns can endure severe weather conditions: the system will not rust or require painting. The electronic controls have a self contained, regulated battery charging system that assures full siren operation during AC outages The control charging unit requires a nominal 120 VAC 50/60Hz power with 15 amp service. The tan siren horn color remains aesthetically pleasing and the tow silhouette siren design discourages vandalism.

Communication system and monitoring activation points

Our Central Station Controller (CSC 960 encoder/decoder) is capable of siren activation with a push of the button along with the system monitoring using our CompuLert™ (SCADA) two-way activation and monitoring/paging software. The Central Station Controllers are designed for redundancy or backup. In the rare case that one unit fails, or if someone can not activate the system, the other system will have the capability to activate all sirens and loudspeakers, with the same reporting and monitoring functions.

Two-way activation and telemetry software

Our CompuLert™ software includes user friendly, drop-down menus and point and click operation, and provides a two-way supervised control & data acquisition (SCADA) system. When interfaced with the remote CSC-960 Central Control Station, the software shall be capable of two-way silent polling of all sirens, polygon activation, as well as group or all call siren activation, if needed. It will display a multitude of color maps, each zone of the system, and display the siren locations as siren ICONS at the actual siren sites. Mouse clicking on the siren ICON shall provide a “status box display” verifying the last polled status of the system to include: RF communication path, RTU battery, RTU power, siren rotation, motor current flow, DC power, AC power, intrusion, & siren signal.

American Signal Corporation


United States of America