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ECA ROBOTICS designs and manufactures unmanned systems for inspection and intervention tasks covering the needs of different markets such as the defence, security, nuclear and chemical industries. ECA ROBOTICS provides a turnkey service of product design, development, production and worldwide logistic support.

Based on a new open architecture, ECA ROBOTICS UGVs have already been selected by many end users in charge of complex operations where humans are frequently exposed. ECA ROBOTICS product line includes: one small and easy deployable mini-robots for all types of inspection missions, one small modular robot covering a range of missions, from reconnaissance to EOD / IED, detection and neutralization, and one heavy robot for dangerous duty operations.

Mini-UGV for inspection in confined areas

The Cobra MK2 UGV was specially designed for soldiers and security forces. It hosts, packed in its 5kg, all the latest technology for responding to terrorist threats (menace). Its design is based on a modular architecture turning it into a unique system, easily customizable and reconfigurable depending on the mission reaching from reconnaissance to neutralization of IEDs, insuring chemical and radiological analysis on the way. The UGV, weighing only 5 kg and operated with a simple tablet PC is very easy to manage on site in a potentially dangerous situation.

Some tens of systems have been ordered since COBRA MK2 announcement in November 2011.

Modular CBRN Robot

This robot is dedicated for counter-CBRN . CAMELEONs intrinsic modularity allows him to carry simultaneously or separately different dedicated mission modules for detection, measurement, on site analysis or to mark contaminated areas. It carries a universal sensor support allowing the immediate integration of all types of radiological sensors (gamma, neutronic, radiometer) and chemical (Explosimeter, PID, TIC, CWA, multigas sensing).

Operated by the French Fire Army on a daily bases or in the context of big events such as the G20 in Cannes,the Cameleon CBRN has established itself as a must for the protection of first responders in hazardous situations.

Lightweight modular EOD/IEDD UGV

Last born of the ECA ROBOTICS EOD/IEDD product range, CAMELEON EOD covers all functionalities from the detection to the neutralization of conventional and improvised explosives. Weighing only 27 kg, with the possibility to add on another 25 kg in payloads, CAMELEON is very easily deployable by a single operator.

Portable Command Control Unit is particularly well suited for dismounted operations. The robots modular design allows integrating new sensors additionally to the 6-axis manipulator arm for efficiently responding to other threats such as NRBC.

CAMELEON EOD has proofed its operational efficiency and reliability since 2010.

Powerful EOD vehicle

The EOD / IEDD mobile robot TSR 202 is used wherever human intervention is risky, such as remote manipulation in difficult or dangerous environments, route clearance, suspicious package inspection and dangerous duty operations (explosive systems and booby traps) by specialized security services. With its specific new options (portable control panel, extended 500m range transmission, automatic umbilical stowing system, and PROPARM and RICHEMOND cannon fitting) the TSR202 can address all types of EOD / IEDD missions.


The CAMELEON CBRNe device can be used for detection, sampling and investigation.


The COBRAM MK2 is a tactical response, multi-mission, mini UGV.

Cameleon LG E Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Cameleon LG E is the latest addition to the Cameleon range of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) built by ECA Group, a robotics and automatic control systems manufacturer based in France.

COBRA MK2 E Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

COBRA MK2 E is a modular lightweight unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by ECA Group for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)/improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) operations.

iRobot 110 FirstLook Robot

iRobot 110 First Look is a small, lightweight and throwable unmanned ground vehicle manufactured by American robot maker, iRobot.

Infotron IT180-3EL-I Mini VTOL UAV

Infotron IT180-3EL-I is a mini-vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for military and homeland security operations.

ECA to Exhibit at IDEX 2013

ECA is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at IDEX 2013, on 17-21 February in Abu Dhabi.

ECA to Demonstrate New UGVs at MILIPOL

With more than 800 systems sold worldwide, ECA is the uncontested leader in unmanned vehicles. ECA designs and delivers state of the art robotic and intelligent solutions for defence and civil security. The main aim of ECA developments is to save humans involved in life-threatening missions suc

ECA to attend EUROSATORY 2010

ECA is, with more than 800 systems sold worldwide, the uncontested leader in unmanned vehicles. ECA designs and delivers state of the art robotic and intelligent solutions for defence and civil security. The main aim of ECA developments is to save humans involved in life threatening missions such

ECA to Attend Eurosatory 2010 in Paris

ECA, specialists in robotic offshore inspection and intervention systems, will be exhibiting at Eurosatory 2010. You will be able to find ECA at Eurosatory, from 14 to 18 June 2010 in Paris, France. Their exhibit will be at stand R870, Hall 5. For more information, p

ECA to Attend DSA 2010

Leading robotics manufacturer ECA will be attending DSA 2010 - the 12th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference from 19th - 22nd April 2010 at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Please visit us at stand ECA F221.

ECA Unveils Land, Underwater and Surface Vehicles at DEFEXPO 2010

ECA will exhibit a range of naval and land-based military vehicles at DEFEXPO 2010, to be held in New Delhi, India on 15-18 February 2010. These include the latest-generation mine killer K-STER, ALISTER autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), INSPECTOR unmanned surface vehicles, and land robot

ECA Unveils New Unmanned Underwater and Surface Vehicles at PACIFIC 2010

ECA will exhibit a range of innovative unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and surface vehicles for mine warfare at PACIFIC 2010, to be held in Sydney, Australia on 27-29 January 2010. These include the latest-generation mine killer K-STER, ALISTER autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and INSPEC

ECA Buys Triton Imaging

ECA has recently acquired the American-based company Triton Imaging, which specialises in the development of post-processing of underwater images and sonar signals compatible with the principal sonars currently used for underwater robotics. Triton covers applications such as subsea

ECA to Exhibit at IDEX 09

IDEX 09, the 9th International Defence Exhibition and Conference, will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 22-26 February 2009. ECA will be exhibiting in hall 07, at stand C36. ECA will exhibit SIMBA (system for imaging and bathymetry) 45, designed to carry out mis

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