Prevent Drone Attacks with Jammers4U’s Powerful Solution

Prevention of drone attacks is the best strategy for VIP or location safety. For the ultimate protection from drone and remote operated vehicles, the CT-6067-UAV is recommended. To prevent a possible attack, it is important to stop the drone or remote operated vehicle before they enter the zone of their effective range. Other than visual surveillance, drones can carry weapons and biological or chemical agents.

CT-6067-UAV is developed with the maximum power of delivery in mind and is designed to keep an area of up to 4-8km drone-free, depending on the type of antenna in use. With additional military vehicle omni-directional antennas, coverage is extended to up to 6000m in all directions (range depends on environment and obstacles).

This drone killer also comes with a directional antenna panel that aims power delivery directly towards the drone or other remote operated vehicle impact zone, improving the effective range. Effective range with directional antennas is up to 8000m in a 90° angle.

Directing jammer power is important for urban environments where interference with other devices in homes and offices is not wanted. By directing the antenna towards the threat, you influence only that narrow area with concentrated jamming power beam. Optional omni-directional antennas are more suited for radial zone protection such as buildings, public meetings or concerts and are a very effective way of preventing a drone attack.

CT-6067-UAV 525W is the new portable jammer solution that packs 525W of total power in a small mobile package.

The tough pelican case is resistant to rain and dust and will withstand terrain use without difficulty. The case is built to last and protect valuable equipment.

An additional battery power pack will provide you with up to two hours jammer operation time. Using the device is simple and no technical knowledge is required for servicemen to be able to operate it.

When the drone is spotted, it is a matter of turning the jammer on until the drone lands and you pick it up.

The CT-6067-UAV is best suited for military special operations teams, police, security forces that are deployed in different situations. It is perfect for securing public events where you need mobility without compromise. It can cover large events such as concerts, political meetings, military bases, prisons, convoys, and border crossings.

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