Jammer Solutions to Prevent Remote Controlled IED Bomb Attacks

Attack prevention is the best strategy for VIP or location safety. IED and bomb DDS jammers are defensive devices that are used to protect an area from any remotely operated IED or bomb.

These are extremely powerful devices that can cover a 1km radial zone and keep it safe from radio controlled car bombs, road bombs, ambush by remote IED and remote controlled terrorist devices.

Bomb jammers are used in convoy protection, checkpoints, border crossings, and other military setups that are prone to IED or remote operated device attacks. We have anticipated all frequencies used in such devices and have designed CT-6080 DDS as an ultimate, all-in-one prevention solution.

CT-6080DDS 800W DDS bomb jammer is a new generation of jammer signal synthesisers that use digital signal generation for more precise control of the output phase across frequency switching transitions. The device’s rugged pelican case and rigorous quality testing offer assurances that our jammers will work when needed in any terrain conditions.

Being a radio frequency jammer, the Digital Bomb Jammer CT 6080DDS can be used to block any radio communication in a zone. RF communication can be a security issue for high-level military, government, diplomatic missions, embassies, military bases and offices, prisons, and other potential targets. Our bomb jammer effectively blocks RF communication as well as remote RF operated devices so it can be effectively used in both scenarios.

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