Tekne Vehicles, Electronics and Automotive Systems for the Defence Industry

Tekne is an Italian company operating in automotive design, manufacturing, modification and servicing since 2001.

It provides more than 40 years of high-technology electronics knowledge for the defence industry with participation in significant Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD) programmes, as well as extensive experience in national and international research projects.

Fast response, high flexibility and low cost is why Tekne proves to be a reliable partner in the industry.

Military, tactical and logistics vehicles

Tekne has nearly 30 years of experience in designing, developing and installing industrial, special and military vehicles.

These include:

  • Tactical vehicles for use in extreme conditions
  • Protected vehicles, ballistic protection available
  • 4×4 armoured personal carriers, with exceptional agility and mobility on all terrain conditions
  • Special operations vehicles (SOV)
  • Light multirole vehicles, even in amphibious version
  • Logistic vehicles, based on commercial models (IVECO, ASTRA), to cover a wide range of requirements to support troops in their mission by providing fuel, food, water
  • Firefighting and road assistance trucks
  • Shelter carrier trucks
  • Military vehicles equipped with high-technology systems
  • Vehicles for communication and emergency management
  • Mobile control and control posts on vehicles or shelters
  • Commercial vehicles adapted to the specific needs of armed forces

All vehicles are either built from scratch, starting from 3D computer modelling and advanced mechanical engineering design, or take a new form and usage from commercial/industrial bodies to develop products based on customer requirements or internal research and development (R&D) activity.

Electronics and systems for military and civilian applications

Our main areas of excellence include infrastructural, tactical, wired and wireless TLC Systems; very high-frequency (VHF) / ultra high-frequency (UHF) radio systems up to 3GHz for short-range communications, specific solutions up to 38GHz; telephone systems and resources management system, based on voiceover IP (VoIP) and radio-over IP (RoIP) classified networks, wired and wireless campus and wide-area networks, TETRA networks; integrated system for interoperability such as wired / radio gateway.

We are experts in electronic warfare (interception systems, direction finding, signal analysis, communication jamming systems counter RC-IED, Counter UAV systems, RF Spectrum monitoring, EMC / EMI analysis) and in systems integration and co-existence of jamming with communications (band filters, time synchronisation and special antennas with space diversity).

We also specialise in critical infrastructure protection from CBRN threats through tactical labs, both in the field or on vehicle or naval platforms, in local area control systems handling heterogeneous sensors, explosive detection systems, in mobile and fixed-video surveillance systems.

Moreover, we focus on situation awareness such as real-time indoor and outdoor localisation systems for personnel and equipment, blue force tracking, and tactical video transmission systems.

Logistics support and systems integration

In addition to products and solutions, Tekne has a high level of competence and extensive experience within integrated logistic support and system integrator capabilities, as well as third-party systems (optronics and radar) and specific and referenced skills on security issues such as TEMPEST Zoning and classified telecommunications.

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Contrada San Matteo

42 - Poggiofiorito (CH)



+39 0871 938820 +39 0871 930685 www.tekne.it

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Contrada San Matteo

42 - Poggiofiorito (CH)



+39 0871 938820 +39 0871 930685 www.tekne.it
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Contrada Alboreto, snc - Z.I.

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