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Meteorological Sensor Systems

PO Box 26,
FI-00421 Helsinki,

PO Box 26,
FI-00421 Helsinki,

Vaisala’s defense meteorological systems are used every day to make local observations. We have 25 years of experience in deploying defense weather systems around the world. Our rugged transportable measurement systems can be set up in a matter of minutes to provide accurate weather data at sites.

Aviation and UAV weather support

Aircraft, helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles’ (UAVs) operations require timely and accurate weather information for flight preparations, take-offs and landings. Small and medium-sized UAVs are directly affected by weather, as they fly at low altitudes. Considering the high value of the UAV payloads, accurate knowledge of take-off and landing weather conditions is critical.

Mobile automatic weather stations

Vaisala mobile automatic weather stations provide easily deployable alternatives for fixed and mobile airports, and launch sites.The Vaisala TacMet® tactical meteorological observation system can be used as a portable, self-powered weather station or serve as an integrated weather observation system for permanent installations.

The basic system provides wind, temperature, humidity, pressure and precipitation accumulation measurements. The enhanced system includes cloud height and coverage, visibility/precipitation type and lightning measurement.

Ballistic weather information gathering systems

Vaisala radiosounding systems are used by defense forces to acquire ballistic weather information. Atmospheric conditions directly affect the accuracy of artillery fire. Availability of proper meteorological data is a prerequisite for accurate predicted fire and helps to:

  • Conserve ammunition
  • Decrease time in adjustment
  • Obtain a greater surprise effect
  • Reduce the potential for friendly or collateral damage

Horizontal wind, air density and elasticity are the three primary meteorological factors significantly affecting trajectories. Vaisala provides two different ballistic wind measurement technologies for radiosoundings. Both systems are mobile and quick to deploy. They code data messages into ballistic weather data (e.g. NATO STANAGS) and general WMO formats, and distribute them using dedicated serial communication lines or a TCP/IP FTP server.

Naval weather measurement systems

In naval meteorology, accurate atmospheric information is critical for navigational purposes and as input into the onboard systems. Vaisala offers a suite of weather measurement systems that can improve onboard systems performance.

Electro-optical sensor performance

Meteorological phenomena affect the performance of optical- and IR detection, and high frequency radar and communications systems. This may result in reduced performance in detection of high speed, non-cooperative targets, and onboard self defense and weapon systems.

Maritime patrol aircraft with airborne radar systems can predict surveillance coverage using dropsonde observations of refractive conditions, and perform accurate dropping of sonar buoys from high altitudes.

Dropsonde systems

Precise high altitude air drops require wind and air density profile from the flight altitude to the surface. Vaisala dropsonde system, AVAPS Receiving systems installed in the aircraft collects measurement data from the disposable dropsondes. Dropsonde is a meteorological instrument measuring the profile of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind from the flight level to the surface. Dropsonde is released from the aircraft and it descends with a stabilized parachute ensuring proper measurements of the atmospheric parameters.

Situational awareness and protection

Weather is a key element in operations planning. In order to provide short term forecasts (less then 12 hours) and now casting (from present to about 2 hours ahead) local observations are required.

Vaisala offers instruments, systems and centralized data collection platforms for local observations. Vaisala portfolio includes:

  • Weather radars
  • Wind profilers
  • Radiosonde systems
  • Automatic surface weather measurement systems with a wide selection of sensors
  • MetMan network software
  • Weather transmitters for a low cost local weather network

About Vaisala

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on more than 70 years of experience, Vaisala contributes to a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for meteorology, weather critical operations and controlled environments. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs over 1200 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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