BEI Precision Systems & Space Company Optical Encoders, Scanners and Accelerometers


BEI Precision Systems & Space Company designs and manufactures both militarised and space versions of optical encoders, scanners, accelerometers and subsystems for use in armoured vehicles, spacecraft, tracking radar and avionics.

Combining high-tech ingenuity with 65 years of practical engineering experience, BEI Precision Systems & Space Company is an intelligent defence partner. Precision and reliability are fundamental components of every motion sensing and motion control product we build. Our shaft angle encoders, rotary or oscillating scanners and accelerometers ensure exacting performance of advanced military equipment serving armed forces the world over. Read on for a list of the US military and foreign programmes that incorporate BEI PSSC’s intelligent product solutions.


BEI PSSC’s product range of absolute encoder applications include:

  • Turret, Trunnion and Sight Position in Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Radar Antennae Position
  • Missile Seeker Head
  • Ammunition Loading Systems


Absolute Encoders have been used on projects including Bradley, Avenger, Linebacker, M1A2, Korean K1, Canadian Reece, Swedish CV-90, Challenger, Breacher, GKN Warrior, AARM Missile and LAVIII.


BEI PSSC’s Incremental Encoder applications include:

  • Radar Antennae Position
  • Missile Seeker Head
  • Laser Range Finder for Army Personnel


Incremental Encoders have been used on the Phalanx, Peace Shield, Lantirn, Standard Missile and Stinger Missile.


Accelerometer applications include:

  • Flight Control
  • Fatigue Monitoring


BEI PSSC’s accelerometers have been used on F16 and F15 airplanes and CH53 helicopters.

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Position Sensors for Military and Space Markets

BEI Precision provides innovative position sensors for military and space markets.

BEI Precision Systems & Space Company, Inc.

1100 Murphy Drive


AR 72113


United States of America

+1 501 851 4000 +1 501 851 5476

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BEI Precision Systems & Space Company, Inc.

1100 Murphy Drive


AR 72113


United States of America

+1 501 851 4000 +1 501 851 5476

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