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Durable, High-Quality Shelters for the Defence Industry

Zappshelters are flexible temporary or permanent covered structures for defence applications.

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Zappshelters are flexible temporary or permanent covered structures for defence applications.

They are specially designed to offer protection in adverse environments worldwide. Available in a range of widths, Zappshelters are simple to install, require only basic equipment, and are easily dismantled and relocated where necessary.

Innovative container solutions for defence applications

Zappshelters offer a new range of solutions for container storage requirements.

Classed as temporary structures, they are able to be installed where containers are situated, with no need for planning consent, so they frequently surpass permanent structures.

Zappshelters are compatible with an extensive range of defence-based and industrial applications such as steel fabrication areas, aircraft hangars, marine repair facilities and site briefing and training areas.

Zappshelters are certified by structural engineers, taking extreme climates into consideration. This is evident in the tailored, galvanised steel hoop structure and durable fabric membrane, ensuring long-lasting protection from the elements.

Simplified installation for use in remote locations

Zappshelters end destinations are often in remote locations, and as a result, they incorporate the simplest methods to assemble each component, including push-fit connections, bolted joints and weld-on container attachment rails.

Step-by-step instruction guides are also available for full assembling information.

Once correctly installed, Zappshelters will provide a consistently high quality of service. This long lifespan is also extended by the placing of the containers, as well as regularly ensuring the cover is always well-tensioned.

End walls for adverse climate protection

Certain Zappshelters need extra protection, especially if they are covering sensitive materials or equipment. As a result, we have developed three high-quality end wall solutions.

The partial-end wall provides additional protection without access restriction, by enclosing space from the top of the container to the highest dome point.

The full-end wall fully encloses one end of the sheltered area for added security and protection.

The zip-up end wall provides the advantages of a full end wall, but with the ability to acquire access via a heavy-duty zip opening.

One option or a combination of two can be compatible with any Zappshelter, as well as easily added or removed at any time.

Benefits of using a Zappshelter end wall comprise extra environment protection from rain and snow within exposed areas. It is essential to keep the area dry when working with sensitive equipment or materials, or when applying coatings such as paint or lacquer. End walls also offer additional security, reducing the risk of damage and/or theft by covering the area’s contents from public view.

Zappshelter Joining Kits

This free white paper provides instructions on how to assemble a Zappshelter joiner kit.

Zappshelter Company Brochure

With our inclement and unpredictable weather conditions, innovation is needed to keep projects on track and on budget.

Zappshelter Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing Zappshelter. This guide is intended to help you through the simple steps of installing your Zappshelter to ensure you get the very best out of your product. Whilst conditions may vary from site to site and the photos included in this guide may dier from the product you have, the basic steps are the same.

Concrete Block Mounting

Our client stocks thousands of tonnes of RAP and had a major problem with the product holding water, which meant that to use it not only meant wasting money on drying the product before use but also drastically slowing down the production process.

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