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Temet is the global leader in the blast protection and special ventilation technology applied in protective constructions such as civilian shelters, hardened military facilities and the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Hardened shelter technology

Proper shelter is a blast-protected, gastight and overpressurised space with filtration unit inside. Shelters can be designed for many different purposes, and fundamental design is mandatory to ensure proper functionality.

Temet’s expertise is in solving the two critical issues of a hardened protective facility: hardening technology and temporary life supporting technology.

Within the field of hardening technology, Temet offers the most advanced products designed for blast protection of the access ways and ventilation openings. Temet’s advanced product offering is supported by our in-house engineering and validated by independent testing and certification.

Blast protection for electrical and mechanical services

Temet provides the most advanced solutions designed for blast resistant closing of access ways and ventilation openings, as well as for blast protection of wall penetrations for electrical and mechanical services.

For most applications, Temet can provide a pre-engineered blast resistant door, blast valve or wall sleeve design. For applications with custom requirements, we design the blast resistant products in strict accordance with the client’s specification.

In all cases, our advanced design methods supported by experience and comprehensive validating testing methods guarantee that a uniform blast resistance level for the facility is attained.

CBRN filtration and ventilation

Temet provides a full range of special equipment and systems required in effective collective chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection, based on reliable detection of the CBRN threat and effective filtration of the intake air for correct pressurisation of the protected space.

In emergency situations where the air outside the shelter is contaminated with CBRN agents, it is important to filtrate the harmful particles off the intake air before it is blown into the shelter.

Temet offers a wide range of solutions for CBRN protection, including filters, entire filtration units and CO2 removal units. These units can be utilised in civil defence and military shelters, as well as in industrial facilities such as refineries or offshore installations, and are fully compatible with other Temet protective solutions and components.

Shock and vibration isolation technology

Shock isolator technology is an essential asset in installations, where ground shocks can cause serious damage to people or sensitive equipment.

Temet provides comprehensive ground shock isolator systems designed for use in shock mounting of equipment installations in applications where the equipment are susceptible to shock loads at the installation base.

Temet ground shock isolators are best suited to protect mechanical and electrical installations against ground shock effects and to prevent transmittance and propagation of self-exited vibrations.

Industrial protection within the oil and gas industry

Temet’s advanced and cost-effective protective solutions prevent blast waves of accidental explosions from causing damage to valuable equipment and people in critical infrastructure facilities.

Temet’s technology is used worldwide in the chemical and oil and gas industry to mitigate risk and ensure effective response in a crisis by protecting control buildings, field auxiliary rooms, firefighting access points, shut off points and electrical substations.

About Temet

Temet was established in 1953. The company participated as a Finnish Civil Defence shelter equipment supplier from the very beginning and expanded to international markets in the beginning of the 1970s.

Today, Temet is a leading company for blast protection, CBRN filtration and ventilation technology for shelters, protective structures and industrial applications worldwide. The total number of personnel within Temet is 80 and the annual turnover is approximately €20m.

Temet is committed to continuous development and customer service. This commitment is the foundation for our customer focused activity and ability to offer advanced, approved and officially certified products and services best matching the needs of each client.

Blast Doors

Temet designs and manufactures special blast resistant and gastight doors for civil defence shelters and other civilian and military protective structures.

Blast Valves

Blast valves are protective elements for air intakes and outlets. Temet blast valves are providing protection from two bar up to 100 bar, based on the model. Blast valves for hardened shelters will be installed into the wall prior to concrete casting to integrate the frame with wall reinforcement.

CBRN Filtration Systems and Filters

The CBRN filtration system is necessary to protect against the many gases, vapours and aerosols that could be released in an accident or terrorist act.

CO2 Removal System

Temet ESL-CO2-230-B is a fully automatic regenerative carbon dioxide removal system.

Temet Product Palette

The product palette of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impact is required within civil defence and military shelters.

Temet Protective Solutions

With over 60 years of experience, TEMET is the name in blast and gas protection and emergency filtration technology for shelters and protective solutions.

Temet’s Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Filtration Unit

Temet’s regenerative CO2 filtration unit uses regenerative filter technology to provide fresh air to sealed environments and eliminate storage and waste issues associated with previous CO2 scrubbers. Temet is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of hardened shelter critical equipment

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