NorLense High-Pressure Inflatable Tents for Defence Applications


NorLense is a Norwegian manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure inflatable tents and turnkey camp solutions.

High-pressure inflation technology for global military organisations

Developed in close cooperation with customers, NorLense tents have facilitated personnel and successfully accommodated a variety of operations for civil and military organisations worldwide.

NorLense is certified in accordance to NS-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Inflatable tents for adverse environments

The NorLense high-pressure inflatable tent is a quickly deployable tent system, designed to meet mobility and comfort demands in all climates, hot and cold. The tents are suitable for both short-term and long-term camps.

The NorLense tent solution is highly mobile, and the high-pressure technology enables efficient set up and take-down, with minimal personnel and no machinery. This technology stabilises the tents and is not affected by drastic temperature changes.

The materials used in the tents combine high durability and low weight. The fabric of the tent is waterproof and flame-retardant PVC.

The NorLense tents are designed with connectable doors, windows, valves for natural ventilation and an air conditioning / heating unit connection.

The tents require minimum maintenance and have a low lifecycle cost with an expected service time of at least ten years.

High-pressure inflatable swift tents for defence-based applications

The high-pressure NorLense Swift inflatable tent is a fully integrated solution that is designed for modularity.

Each tent can be connected to another tent or a container, and range from 7m² to 60m² in length.

Swift tents are designed for applications such as accommodation, field hospitals, offices, kitchens, workshops and multi-purpose tents.

Key features include:

  • Single point inflated with no need for constant air supply
  • Rapid deployment
  • The tents can be set up in 5-20 minutes with minimal personnel
  • Stable air-columns that are unaffected by temperature variations
  • Inflation by various air supply, such as compressor and compressed air bottle
  • Operation in any climate
  • Environmentally friendly solution for low energy consumption
  • The tents can be connected together to form a larger unit
  • Ability to be stored and transported in one single box / bag as a complete package

Grande shelters for mobility purposes

The NorLense Grande shelter is designed to meet mobility requirements within all different climates. The shelter is developed with the same high-pressure inflatable technology as the Swift tents.

These can be used for military-based applications such as mobile warehouse / storage, vehicle maintenance, recreation areas, dining halls and multi-purpose halls.

Key features include:

  • Rapid deployment with no machinery
  • Single point inflated with no need for constant air supply
  • Can be deployed on any terrain
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Modular system
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low package volume

About NorLense

NorLense was established at Fiskebøl, Lofoten Islands, in 1975, and has since been the market leader in development of the current oil spill recovery market.

For its 40 years, NorLense has maintained a very high degree of expertise and a reputation regarding oil protection, preparedness and training.

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Press Release

NorLense Awarded Nato Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) Contract

NorLense Shelter Solutions has been awarded a contract with the NSPA following an international competition for the acquisition of an 800-person rapidly deployable camp for a Nato nation.

White Papers

NorLense Shelter Solutions in the Field

NorLense SWIFT 6x8 Tents are used in Red Cross emergency field hospital (ERU).
The field hospital opened in October 2017 and the NorLense tents have been deployed for over one year and used as an operating theatre and wards.



8317 Strønstad


+47 76 11 81 80 +47 76 11 81 89

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Press Release

4 March 2019

NorLense Shelter Solutions has been awarded a contract with the NSPA following an international competition for the acquisition of an 800-person rapidly deployable camp for a Nato nation.

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23 October 2018

NorLense AS has been awarded a framework agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces for the production and supply of high-pressure inflatable air beam tents.

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8317 Strønstad


Robin Mattson +47 76 11 81 80 +47 76 11 81 89

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