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Pre-Fabricated Shelters, Water Purification Systems and Mobile Morgues

World Exchange Plaza,
1150 - 45 O'Connor St.,
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A4,

World Exchange Plaza,
1150 - 45 O'Connor St.,
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A4,

Founded in 2008, NOMADiQ Group is a vibrant company with high-level leadership experience. While serving as the Task Force Surgeon in Haiti as a member of the Canadian forces, Dr Tarek Sardana realized firsthand the need for better prefabricated shelter solution. Dr Sardana then partnered with a prominent Canadian Force’s engineer and MBA Robert Atkinson and founded NOMADiQ Group. Since 2008, NOMADiQ has developed into a well-respected systems integrations company and has garnished much interest around the globe.

Prefabricated shelters, water purification systems and mobile morgues

Throughout the years, NOMADiQ has formed many great working relationships with respected companies around the world. NOMADiQ has the ability to supply prefabricated office space, ballistic materials, water purification systems as well as portable morgues.

Prefabricated shelters and modular housing packages

NOMADiQ is striving to become a world leader in prefabricated shelter solutions. NOMADiQ offers the most innovative flat-pack modular housing packages or office space available on the market today. We leverage the latest engineering techniques, technologies and construction materials to facilitate the rapid construction of cost-effective off-the-grid (OTG) reusable housing facilities for the military, mining, resource, and emergency response sectors.

Not only do we offer robust and easy to assemble shelter designs, but our shelter solutions are particularly well suited to remote locations where transportation logistics are difficult. All our solutions offer flexible office solutions where space can be expanded. We pride ourselves on being proactive and product driven companies who seek to do good around the world.

Off-the-grid shelter systems

General specifications of our shelters include:

  • Customizable
  • Solid structure suitable for tropical conditions and serious winds. Shelters are hurricane-rated
  • Construction will be suitable for office accommodation/conference facility
  • Space is expandable
  • Easy ability to provide open / office space in various configurations as requested
  • Minimum interior height is eight feet
  • One window and external door (outward opening) per each ten square meters of construction
  • Erection is possible with little / no training
  • No need for heavy-load cranes as basic human power is all that is required to assemble
  • Termite resistant
  • All materials comply with the ISO:9000
  • Instruction manuals will be provided
  • SIPs panel technology offers the most energy efficient configuration compared to other conventional building technologies, provides for energy conservation and thermal efficiency
  • Flat-pack shipping minimizes transportation logistical footprint and easy multiple use
  • Office space is designed for easy dismantling and reusability
  • Ten-year useful life with at least ten assembly / disassembly without degradation of functional use
  • Efficiently transported by land, air, sea or rail. Transportation size easily configured for transported by standard military or commercial platforms
  • Easily stackable for use or shipment
  • Any shipment configuration is possible utilizing flat pallets or standard shipping containers
  • Designed for all climate temperature ranges for storage or use, from -60°F to +140°F
  • Designed for rough handling and inclement weather use
  • Easily handled by local material handling equipment (MHE) as well as container handling equipment
  • External surfaces are corrosion-resistant
  • Finish color can be essentially any color in order to suit culture
  • Can be erected on semi-prepared surfaces

Water purification units

Specifications of our water purification units include:

  • Solar or battery-powered
  • Can pump from any water source
  • Produces a minimum of 3.4l of clean water a day

Portable morgues

Specifications of our portable morgues include:

  • Can store up to twelve bodies
  • Assembled in under 15 minutes
  • 660lbs
  • Aluminum, PVC, polythene
  • For internal and external use


World Exchange Plaza

1150 - 45 O'Connor St.

Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A4



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