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Inflatable NBCR and Decontamination Shelters

Sure Wisch 6,
30625 Hannover,

LANCO has been developing and manufacturing tents since 1953. Top quality is our standard. Our quality management system has ISO 9001 accreditation. The latest technologies for computer-aided cutting to size, high-frequency welding, seam taping and sewing are used.

In the past 55 years LANCO tents have demonstrated their quality in more than 30 countries and in widely varying climatic conditions. We have our own development department and therefore can also offer special designs to meet customer requirements.

Tents and shelters for the defence industry

We provide a range of tents and shelters for the defence industry, including decontamination systems, NBCR shelters and inflatable tents.

Inflatable decontamination systems

We can supply a range of inflatable decontamination systems, including personal decontamination shelters and mass decontamination shelters.

Our personal decontamination shelters include the following features:

  • Length of up to 4.8m
  • Width of up to 2m
  • Height of up to 2.5m
  • Weight up to 90kg
  • 1.8mx2m tub
  • Up to ten nozzles
  • Up to two hand showers
  • Up to two hose arches

Our mass decontamination shower includes the following features:

  • Length 4.5m
  • Width 3m
  • Height 2.6m
  • Weight 135kg
  • 1.2mx3m changing room
  • Ten nozzles
  • Two hand showers
  • Two hose arches

NBCR shelters

The safety of people deployed, particularly in crisis areas, is a top priority. To protect against nuclear, chemical and biological threats such as bioweapons and chemical warfare agents, LANCO developed a Colpro system for mobile applications.

As protection against chemical weapons in liquid or gaseous form, nuclear or biological weapons in the form of dust or aerosols, or for the aftermath of nuclear or chemical incidents the NBC protection system can be erected within minutes on almost any foundation or within sealed rooms. In contaminated environments it facilitates the safe stationing of deployment personnel and can simultaneously be used as medical treatment room, command centre or patient room for injured people who are unable to take any individual measures of protection. This is the ideal and variable solution for creating a complete NBC protection area.


Sure Wisch 6

30625 Hannover