DREHTAINER Protective Shelter Solutions for Infrastructure and Vehicles


Since 1982 DREHTAINER has been concentrating on the development and manufacture of special containers and vehicles in the fields of defence and nuclear technology as well as on industrial applications.

The aspect of protection is hereby in the focus of our work. For us, it is this aspect that makes the difference to traditional developments. To satisfy our ambitions, we are closely cooperating with classification societies, perform blast impact and shelling tests in national and international test facilities and use our internal DREHTAINER test centre to permanently advance our products.

Thanks to the supreme protection level (up to STANAG 2280 Level C5) of our defence-technological solutions the lives of numerous soldiers could already be saved in several cases of hostile attacks in Afghanistan.

Container based camp protection

DREHTAINER has delivered more than 3.500 containers to the Bundeswehr on the Balkans and over 2.500 protected containers to the armed forces of Germany, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands while complying with the high standards of STANAG 2280.

Protection will either be integrated into the containers or may be provided adaptively. This makes it possible to provide a higher protection level to non-protected or only slightly protected buildings. The modular camp concept of DREHTAINER enables the construction of buildings of varying sizes that may provide diverse functionalities such as accommodations, dining rooms, command posts or medical facilities.

DREHTAINER has already constructed several double-storey buildings that comply with the highest protection requirements. This has given the opportunity to accommodate under supreme protection a higher number of soldiers even in small camps.

DREHTAINER employs its own staff to establish these buildings all over the world, thereby guaranteeing DREHTAINER’s high standard of quality.

Watch tower for surveillance and protection

The DREHTAINER watch tower is used for surveillance and protection purposes, and favoured for camps and military installations with limited access. The 10ft watch tower can be mounted on top of another container. Two 10ft watch towers can be coupled to reach the 20ft ISO dimensions for transport. On the roof top Remote Controlled Weapon Station or surveillance equipment can be installed.

Command posts

In the past years, DREHTAINER has implemented numerous projects in the development of containers for command post solutions. Here DREHTAINER does not only meet the special requirements of anti-ballistic or blast impact protection but particularly the technical specifications for HF attenuation of shielding, antenna technology, integration of server systems and the required matching air conditioning technology. So DREHTAINER is able to develop containers that can be used for different functions. Relevant examples include EW systems, Ground Control Elements for UAV, mobile command and control systems for headquarters at division or corps level and containers for fire control systems.

Among others, DREHTAINER has produced protected special containers for:

  • EW systems
  • The mobile CCIS of the German Air Force
  • MP stations

DREHTAINER system for docking containers in vehicular operation

The DREHTAINER concept of docking ISO 20-foot-containers allows to accommodate sophisticated functionalities including large useful space during vehicular operation, while they remain easy to relocate and retain their protective capability. This system consists of no more than two major components mountable on existing trucks:

  • Docking frame
  • Dockable container

Command post consisting of three vehicle-mounted docked containers

The DREHTAINER system for docking vehicle-mounted containers is especially suitable for facilities providing different functionalities such as reconnaissance systems, command and control systems, mobile command posts, UAV control stations or medical facilities all of which require high mobility, special protection and fast deployability due to their sophisticated capabilities. Compared to tent-based solutions or ground-based containers employed in the aforementioned scenarios, this system offers much more efficiency and a much higher speed of operational readiness.

The DREHTAINER system meets above all the requirements of mobile accommodation which is characterized by frequent relocations, periodical redeployment of forces and considerable restrictions in the provision of services. The typically used facilities are tents and combat vehicles. Mobile accommodation is the only alternative when combat operations or the mobile conduct of operations exclude a siting of forces at permanent locations.

With its system for docking vehicle-mounted containers DREHTAINER has successfully managed to minimize the restrictions inherent in today’s mobile accommodation in case tactical necessities should once more enforce such option.

Zero Shock® System

Against the threat by mines and IEDs DREHTAINER has developed the so-called Zero Shock® System which counters this threat effectively by not just damping but completely decoupling from shock and blast effects. Its unprecedented performance could be proved in several test series run by German and international defence-technological institutes. Shock and blast effects in the interior of the vehicles could be minimised down to zero. This can also be integrated in the dockable containers or the driver cabins. This future-proof system can also be retrofitted into almost every existing vehicle make.

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Press Release

DREHTAINER to Showcase Latest Military Camp Products at IDEX 2015

DREHTAINER is pleased to announce that it will be presenting its latest military camp products at International Defence Exhibition & Conference (INDEX) 2015.

White Papers

Military and Civilian Personnel Protection Technology Against Threats

For more than one decade, DREHTAINER has committed its efforts to the protection of military and civilian personnel in the crisis regions of our time. Permanently changing threats have significantly increased the protection requirements.


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+49 38851 335 0 +49 38851 335 3 www.drehtainer.de

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